How To Set Up eSIM On Your New iPhone 14

    How To Set Up eSIM On Your New iPhone 14

    Since the iPhone Xs and XR, Apple has supported eSIM, but this year it is going all out and removing the traditional SIM card slot from every version of the iPhone 14 that is offered in the United States. Although additional country-specific models will support both physical and virtual SIM, Apple may ultimately do away with the SIM slot in other nations depending on supply. Regional variations exist in the specific instructions. We have mostly concentrated on the U.S. market for this guide.

    Users may quickly switch between SIM cards thanks to ESIM, an alternative to a physical SIM that is integrated into the phone’s circuitry. People can host more than two SIM cards thanks to it. The iPhone 14 will support up to eight SIM cards simultaneously. How simple is it to activate a fresh eSIM on an iPhone? There shouldn’t be many steps involved.

    This is how you do it:

    To add a cellular plan, go to Settings > Cellular. An alternative location for this item is Settings > Mobile Data > Add eSIM.

    To transfer the plan, a number of numbers will be displayed. In any other case, you can explicitly choose “Transfer from Nearby iPhone.” For this to function, iOS 16 must be installed on both iPhones.

    You can complete this step with the aid of the old model’s instructions. On the older iPhone, enter the verification code that will be seen on the new one.

    Your Carrier will notify you to finish the setup when you transfer the plan to the newer iPhone.

    QR code reader

    You may simply choose “Utilize QR Code” while configuring the new iPhone or use the camera if your carrier has provided you with one.

    Under Settings > Mobile Data > Add eSIM, you may discover the “Use QR Code” option in some locations.

    actual SIM conversion

    Some carriers could provide instant physical SIM to eSIM conversion without the need to go to a shop. Go to Settings > Cellular, choose Convert to eSIM, and then press on Convert Cellular Plan to do it. Tap Convert to eSIM after verifying the cellular plan you wish to convert, then wait for it to activate.

    Some U.S.-based carriers may have their own websites and apps for setting up eSIM quickly. Notably, when converting to eSIM, the majority of iPhone models will require a Wi-Fi internet connection; however, the eSIM-only iPhone 14 offered in the U.S. may be activated without one.