Right, YOU. Our Doors are always open for new authors. If you have an idea that will expostulate our readers & take our industry forward, we’d over to hear it.

Being Honest, though: it takes work writing for Us. We need your submission to be at its best. We’ll help you get there. Once accepted, you may receive feedback from our team and they will closely work with you on revisions.

It’s also fruitful for you. Our Thousands of readers will read your work & you’ll also get to learn in that process – about sharing your views, about writing and maybe about something that you thought you knew so well already when you started.

Okay ! How Do I start??

You can submit a rough draft, partial draft or the complete article. More complete your submission is, better feedback we can give you.

Note : We only accept unique content which hasn’t been elsewhere (including your blog)

What We Publish.

Depending upon subject we publish articles of minimum 750 words. Articles often run with custom illustration. Be casual in tone and content . Article should be non promotional.

How do I submit?

Mail us your submission preferably in google docs format so that our editors can easily provide guidance & feedback directly in your draft though you can also share a Markdown File, Plain Text file or a link to an HTML format.