Is your HR department free enough or you have nothing to do? Are you spending hours categorizing and reading numerous resumes? Are you unable to find your desired candidate? Are you also stuck in the heavy documentation and paperwork? Need recruitment software for startups?

To ease out the hiring process and resume screenings, any company can get its hands on Applicant Tracking Software, which has the potential of solving all your recruiting problems. Also, applicant tracking software for small businesses can do wonders, as it helps you to track, recruit and manage applicants more efficiently.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the common queries about Applicant Tracking Software i.e What is applicant tracking software? Why do small or large businesses need applicant tracking software? How does applicant tracking software work? What are the benefits of using Applicant tracking software?

What is Applicant Tracking Software?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is an AI tool that allows recruiting managers to find the desired candidates for a specific job profile. ATS helps to sort and classify applicants into categories. It stores all the information of the candidates and helps recruiters to do the hiring seamlessly. It keeps away all the paperwork and digitalizes everything from keeping the documents to scheduling interviews, ATS got it all. Moreover, the best of applicant tracking software has some best-suited tools for managing, sorting, and smoothing out the hiring process.

Applicant tracking software for small businesses and for larger companies is equally important. The main aim of ATS is to provide recruiters easy use, simplified and powerful platforms, where they can check and track the progress of their candidates.

What is the Need of Applicant Tracking Software for Small Businesses?

Being a small business owner comes along with so many problems and issues. Sometimes one can just feel like giving up and in such cases coming up with any small and big recruiting issues can be a pain. Today, in this digital world where almost everything is digital, why not come up with a digital recruiting process? Whether a small business or a big brand everyone needs to hire and go through all those old hiring things but it is late enough to modernize the very first step of entering the corporate industry, the recruiting process.

A best ats software for the small business itself selects and categorizes candidates and keeps a track of everything from the first meeting till the very end. It keeps a record of every bit and bite. It is the one-stop solution for all hiring problems, it reminds you of the emails to be sent, automated alerts, and interview scheduling. In short, it enhances the overall onboarding process for both recruiters and candidates.

Rather than sticking to the old-school methods of hiring, one should move ahead with a modernized onboarding process of employment. Small businesses are big game changers, thus applicant tracking software for small businesses is necessary.

How does an Applicant Tracking System work?

Let us find out how an Applicant tracking software interacts with the candidates and ensures that neither the hiring manager nor the candidate faces any problems during the hiring process.

  • Collection of data:
    So as soon as the job seeker applies for a job the basic information is uploaded on the ATS database including all the basic information of the candidate like, contact information, qualification, and resume.
  • Sorting of profiles:
    Now, depending on the recruiter’s requirements candidate’s profiles are categorized and filtered by the applicant tracking software itself. It sorts the candidate’s profile into categories.
  • Interview scheduling:
    Later, ATS reviews the resumes of selected candidates, sends them automated messages, and schedules the interviews with the recruiter without delaying any process.
    Applicant tracking software for small businesses provides an interface between the recruiter and the candidate.

What are the Features of Best ATS systems for Small Businesses:

Let us discuss the features of the best ATS systems for small businesses:

  • More advanced than manual
    Applicant tracking software is an AI tool, hence this software works in a more advanced way than manual. This software works more quickly and accurately than the manual hiring process.
  • Reminders
    The best thing about an ATS is that it has the potential to send reminders, which can increase the productivity of HR managers and lead to quicker replies.
  • Track everything
    ATS software is capable enough to track everything about the candidates, from contact information to interview details, ATS can do everything.
  • Schedule interviews
    Applicant tracking software possesses features through which it can schedule interviews. It does a real-time collaboration with the managers and the candidates.
  • Facilitates hiring
    ATS enhances the hiring process and makes it more reliable. It provides you with a detailed report of the job seeker, their background, and everything about the candidate.

What are the Benefits of Using ATS Software for Small Businesses?

Let us look at the privileges companies can get with Applicant Tracking Software:

  • Saves time, Increases focus
    Hiring at times can be messy work to do, with applicant tracking software, managers can be more productive on the targeted growth of the business rather than these perplexed hiring processes. It also helps in eliminating paperwork errors.
  • It Simplifies things from both ends
    It simplifies things for the hiring managers as well as for the candidates. ATS gives you filtered-out results. For the recruiters, it provides categorized resumes of candidates, and for Candidates, it can wisely and specifically apply for jobs they actually want.
  • Miracle for hiring
    Through ATS, managers do not need to talk to 1000’s of candidates and do not have to suffocate themselves in all the paperwork but through their ATS interface they can get a specific number of interested employees and connect themselves with those interested candidates only. Later ATS interface can further do all the documentation and tracking of candidates itself.
  • Better and precise decision making
    Because of ATS’s smooth working, the HR department can make better and wise decisions towards the employees, and they can hire and look for a better yield. Applicant tracking software for small businesses can be so helpful in selecting a better candidate and saves so much of their time and effort.
  • Boosts the recruitment cycle
    Overall, ATS boosts and speeds up the recruitment cycle. The best-suited employee is selected with lesser recruiting problems and enhances the recruiting department.


Hiring is just like construction, you need to have a proper location, and good-quality of raw materials to have a building of your choice. Similarly, for hiring you do require a good candidate. However, surfing through multiple websites and being stuck in resumes, it becomes a pain and to heal your pain we have applicant-tracking software. This AI tool helps you to take care of the candidates and shows you exactly what you are looking for.
Pitch n Hire is one such best ats for startups that can help you to track the applicants from the first day till the final joining. It is an AI tool that makes hiring more efficient and quicker; it has an easy-to-use interface, which can take control of all your hires, and manage them well. It is one of the best applicant tracking software for small businesses.