The latest edition of Sony India’s Mobile ES (Car Audio) lineup was unveiled on Monday in New Delhi. A new standard of in-car entertainment is set by the Mobile ES range, which includes car speakers and subwoofers, including the XS-162ES, XS-160ES, XS-690ES, and XS-W104ES.

The prices range from INR 16,990 to INR 24,990, available from June 1, 2021.

This newest and most feature-rich lineup of Mobile ES is made with recent technological upgrades, and it allows customers to enjoy their favourite music, raises the bar for in-car entertainment, and offers new innovations in the car audio market

Sony ES Car Audio Speaker

Overview of Mobile ES Lineup

XS-690ES: 6 x 9″ coaxial 2-way speakers (INR 24,990); XS-162ES: 6 ½” 2-way component speaker system (INR 20,990); XS-160ES : 6 ½” coaxial 2-way speakers (INR 16,990); and XS-W104ES: 10″ single voice coil subwoofer ( INR 16,990).



Below are Some of the Interesting Features of the XS-162ES, XS-160ES, and XS-690ES Speakers.


The Sony MRC Aramid Fiber Matrix Woofer: Developed with great rigidity and low resonant distortion in mind, with a lightweight design. This third-generation compound has been refined even further with mechanical driver upgrades to produce a smoother, more natural sound.

Another Sony proprietary technology is featured, with distinctive curved notches that improve the vertical amplitude symmetry and lower distortion for significantly better clarity.


Soft dome Tweeter : designed to cover the music’s ultra-high ends, is directly attached to the voice coil, and is capable of playing music at resolutions as high as 40kHz.

Five-beam Frame Structure & Dynamic Air Diffuser : Dispersing resonance while ensuring efficient air circulation is the Five-beam Frame design, which features an integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser.

Progressive Height Rate Spider: Higher power handling and airflow with a profile specifically designed for quicker and more precise speaker cushioning.

Resonance Damping Phase Plug: On the XS-162ES woofer, the phase plug reduces resonances, allowing the ideal frequency response all the way to the crossover point, where the tweeters are matched.


These items are included in Bi-Amplification Terminals and Gain Selector when you add a crossover network (XS-162ES). Audio-grade polypropylene capacitor: the polypropylene capacitor’s film has been metalized to provide less dissipation for a more refined high end.

The XS-W104ES Subwoofer utilises MRC honeycomb woofer, separated notch edge surround, and five-beam frame structure with dynamic air diffuser for higher power handling and airflow.


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