Although this was a short week because to Memorial Day, but we weren’t short of new electronic gadgets. In response to this, both Samsung and Alienware unveiled new laptop models. We got new noise-canceling headphones from Sennheiser. Wyze, the well-known home surveillance firm, just introduced its first vacuum cleaner. It’s safe to say that Google’s first pair of truly wireless earphones will be priced under $100. There was plenty more, too. SoloCam 2021 Series

Latest Gadgets

1. Eufy SoloCam 2021 Series

Anker’s new line of Eufy SoloCam smart home security cameras was just unveiled by Eufy’s smart home business, Eufy. five altogether, all of which are battery-powered and are equipped with 8GB of on-board storage (so they do not require you to have a separate hub). The basic cameras shoot 1080p and 2K; the spotlight cameras shoot 1080p and 2K; and the solar-powered camera produces high-quality 1080p and 2K. Currently all five SoloCam smart home cameras are available for preorder.

The price is $99-$200.


2. Samsung Galaxy Book Go

The new Galaxy Book Go was unveiled by Samsung this week. It is a 14-inch 1080p laptop that is light enough to hold with one hand and contains an Arm-based processor. The dual USB-C ports, USB-A port, and microSD card slot are all located on the side of the product. In addition, it features a 720p webcam. What makes the Galaxy Book Go (as well as the others in the Galaxy Book series) attractive is that the computer’s starting price is only $349, which is an incredible deal for anyone looking for lightweight laptops that run Windows 10. You will be able to purchase it on June 10th.

Prices: $349 and above


3. Wyze Cordless Vacuum

Also known for inexpensive smart home cameras (and smart lamps, recently), the business of Company has recently started selling vacuum cleaners. The Wyze Cordless Vacuum is, as you’ll discover from its name, a cordless vacuum competitor that aims to challenge other prominent manufacturers like Dyson and Shark – but it is a lot less expensive. Wyze’s vacuum is priced $119, which is around half the price of Dyson’s lowest option.

You can preorder the Wyze Cordless Vacuum and it is slated to begin delivery in July.

Price: $119


Latest Gadgets
4. Sennheiser HD 450SE

After introducing a new version of the HD 450BT headphones, Sennheiser has announced that they will be delivered in the first half of 2020. These headphones are still some of the best noise-canceling, on-ear headphones you can buy. Sennheiser’s latest HD 450SE model includes the Amazon Alexa speech assistant built in (rather than support for Siri and Google Assistant, like the HD 450BT). In addition, the HD 450SE has all of the same features and impressive battery life of the HD 450. It’s the same price.

The cost is $200.


5. Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12

To better support Moment’s M-Series lenses, Nomad has created a version of their Rugged Case particularly built for the iPhone 12. The new case has the same configuration as any of Moment’s smartphone cases – a camera ring and a lens mount. Also, as the Rugged Cases for the Nomad have the same qualities, including a Horween leather finish and 10-foot drop protection, it also has those same features. In terms of color, all cases are available in either black or brown. For individuals, Moment Lenses are offered separately.

The cost is $60.


6. Alienware X15

The X15 is Alienware’s newest and thinnest gaming laptop to date – it has a thickness of just 0.63-inches. Even though it was a slim frame, Alienware nonetheless included a strong 11th-generation H-series processor and the potent RTX 3080 graphics card in the X15. You can purchase the base model, which begins at $1,999.

The price is $1,999.


7. Epos B20 Microphone with Streaming

The company’s newest USB microphone, the Epos B20, is designed for gamers, streamers, and podcasters, and helps with work-from-home setups for people who play, stream, or podcast. It also supports 24-bit audio, which is ideal if you want to record music in higher-quality. Plus, it comes with a desk stand. It’s Mac and PC compatible.

It’s priced at $199.


8. Pixel Buds A-Series

In contrast to the company’s previous Pixel Buds, which retail for $179, the Pixel Buds A-Series are substantially cheaper. Although the new wireless earbuds appear exactly the same as the previous Pixel Buds, Google cut functionality such as wireless charging and swiping controls in order to sell them for only $99. You may order your copy now and it will arrive on June 17th.

the price is $99

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