The journey of working remotely as an entrepreneur is a long one and a tough nut to crack as it takes a lot of courage to get things moving forward. Yet if you’ve already decided to become one, why do you delay it? Get it started today.

If you have an idea, framed your idea into a plan, it’s great but what’s next? Just thinking about how to get it to work? Well, the day you were thinking about the idea, it would have helped if you had figured out how you would implement the whole plan and bring it into positive action. Okay, you can do it today, it’s never too late!

sWhen taking care of all these things, here comes a step, “With great power comes the great responsibility”-which any entrepreneur in the success rat race will look forward to in order to push in the right direction. Some may however fail to take care of the needs of their workers, which eventually leads to frustration and decreased productivity.

So, to fix it, all you need is a detailed guide that will help you move on, keeping an eye on the activities, particularly the remote ones and the soul-crushing challenges you will face in your business.

Here we have an amazing book written by the Basecamp founders-Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, which includes details of the philosophy of the Authors on how a business should be run.

Why this book?

I enjoy reading books that aim to shake the world of industry, and Rework is one of those that tackle a new reality. Today, anybody can start their company because a number of technologies are now readily available that used to be out of reach earlier. Technology that cost thousands is now only a few pounds, or even free of charge. In short, stuff that was impossible only a couple of years ago is now simply available and accessible.

I love this book because it has a simpler approach and plain words, making it a great blueprint for someone who has ever thought of doing it alone.

You’ll find useful inspiration in this book whether you’re aspiring to become an entrepreneur or have a burgeoning startup or a well-established company, or if you’re trapped in day-time jobs and want to get away from it.

Let’s just see what others are thinking about this novel!

In this Rework Book Review, I highlight the major ideas with a brief description. The book is filled with sentiments that may either inspire or anger. But will most definitely make you reconsider 

– Shawn Dexter via Medium

I chose the review because I like how Shawn explained what he liked about the book, and focused specifically on the book’s ‘feelings’ and ‘to the point’ aspects. His assessment reveals how committed he is to post-reading and a few key points from the book were quoted.

Rework is a must-read book for anyone who takes their business endeavors seriously. Even life-long entrepreneurs will learn a few things to implement in their business. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson have been there and done it, and they provide real-life advice for the budding entrepreneur.

– My Business Book Club’s comment

The review is written in the best way anybody could have written it. It includes a brief summary of the book, and what you will learn after reading from the book. In short it’s a thorough review.



Okay, I hope you find this blog useful because without even wasting hours and days reading it, you get to know what is really there in the novel. You can also get the perfect insights into remote work by joining The Remote Work Summit and today becoming an expert in Remote Work.