Microsoft is going to update Outlook to enable Companies to automatically start and end meetings quickly in order to provide employees with a break between back-to-back meetings. Outlook new settings are in a state of change to alleviate the digital overabundance.

By default, schedules can be set and can be changed. There is no fixed time, since the meetings are unorganised. This means you could have 5 minutes before or 15 minutes after an hour-long meeting. Also, employees have their own preferences but the company-wide setting is critical here.

MS Outlook issues might often be the result of damaged Outlook data files. If you have a problem of that sort, it is advised repair Outlook with the help of a dedicated software; it is able to detect the errors and restore Outlook data.


The default setting for Outlook meetings has done this in the past, suggesting that the perception of back-to-back meetings has remained. In Outlook, if you create a new appointment, it will be at one hour and 30 minutes. even the little drop-down menu makes it difficult to choose a custom time


Microsoft is responding to the enormous number of home workers due to the pandemic, after carrying out their own research. Video meetings have become a common method for workers to connect, but this change to the way we work has its disadvantages. Remote work is having a negative impact on our wellbeing, says Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Creative “Jared Spataro”. This is the reality of the digital world, and it must be change.


Microsoft thinks this small change to Outlook could be a new way to think about meetings for many and promote wellbeing.  Whether corporations enable this broadly or if it even has an effect is another matter. Meetings often start late or run over because people are busy unmuting themselves or joining late because another meeting ran over its scheduled time slot. It’s too early to tell whether new settings can immediately help with that, but it could begin to plant the consideration that meeting changes have an overall positive impact on employees and help companies and their employees rest their brains.