The next-generation console PlayStation, the PS5, has created a lot of hype within the gaming community. Players waited a while for an official announcement. While Xbox was already showcasing its next-generation console along with some third-party line-ups, PlayStation was not moving an inch.

Finally the wait is over as PlayStation has revealed an official PS5 release date. Players will actually take a look at the future of gaming on June 4 at 9:00 pm (BST). The Indian gaming group can watch Saturday’s event at 1:30 am. Exactly an hour ago, details about the event were posted by official PlayStation Twitter handle.

This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour & You can stream the event on Twitch & Youtube.


PlayStation ‘s official YouTube channel has already begun to promote a 10-second long preview to the PS5 unveiling event. A few months ago, PlayStation had already unveiled its next-generation controller for the PS5.

The concept and aesthetics of the controller have been well received by the gaming community. Many consumers, however, complained about controller color.

Details: PS5

A major detail about the next-gen console was revealed in the PS5 teaser. The PS5 controller would be black in colour-something PS Community has been asking Sony to  add for some time. The new black controller shows how dear its community is to Sony.