We see a second wave of concern about the COVID-19 pandemic in India focused on the people and how to stop the spread of the virus. Workplace safety is as much an issue at home as it is elsewhere.

Advised that our house is our new workplace, we each person must take responsibility for his or her own safety. Safety and ease of use of use are two of the greatest challenges that appliance manufacturers face in home energy management. New age innovations have emerged in the home appliance space in the last year:

Ultraviolet Technology in Home Devices

Improving the efficiency of home UV lighting has proven to be very effective in killing germs and viruses. For example, a UV-disinfected split AC unit can disinfect without the use of additional sanitizers. Ultraviolet (UV) and HEPA filters can cut the multiple stages of filtration down to 2.5 pms, keeping the air inside the room fresh and free of germs.

Wifi-enabled Appliances/Smart Home

Even though the word “contactless” is currently in use to describe modern technologies, it is a buzzword that will likely be outdated as devices like smartphones and kitchen appliances that connect to the surface become more common. It is possible to invest in home technology that is connected through a common network that is smart and can be operated and controlled independently. To ensure reliable information delivery, we should use a single application on your phone or sync with our home automation systems like Google Home or Alexa This is beneficial not only for breaking the viral transmission cycles, but also for promoting social social distancing and Isolation.

The presence of this technology has been a priority for most home appliance manufacturers as well as for all of their product variations according to a survey results, conducted by Voltas, it’s found that more than 83% of consumers are interested in advanced features, like Wi-Fi enabled ACs due to WFH


Limit your trip to the Supermarket for Fresh Vegetables

Due to a shortage of fresh and ready-to-to-eat food supplies, various regions have been put on lockdown to prevent large groupings in public spaces. According to Voltas Beko, new and equipped with the FreshLock™ system, this technology will preserve the quality of your produce for as much as 30 days!” A dish that reduces the amount of temperature variation and maintains moisture levels in foods is one of the best ways to help reduce food waste in the grocery store.

Safety at home and at work has changed because of the pandemic. It’s now critical to consider the health, convenience, and energy-efficiency tradeoffs when designing next-generation home appliances.

COVID-19 is serving as a wake-up call to rethink technologies that can help us live a healthier and safer life.