Spa Gift Baskets for Women Lavender Bath and Body At Home Spa Kit Mothers Day Spa Gifts Ideas - Luxury 13pcs with Bath Bombs, Shampoo Bar, Eye Mask, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath, Salts, Body Scrub Lotion

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as of January 26, 2021 9:09 am

A female doesn’t love anything more than self-care. Getting ready for the day and self-time is their priority. To enhance this we have come up with a brilliant gift idea that will make your sister, friend, or better half happier than ever. It is a 13 in 1 Lavender Bath Spa Gift Basket that includes different products of great bathing experience. It comes like a hamper which suggests heavenly bathing experience for females. This tin basket brings an amazing collection of 13 things that will bring a wide smile on her face.

Spa Gift Basket Highlights:

13 in 1: The fact that the beautiful and transparent plastic sheet uncovers to 13 different products makes it a great deal. It comprises of 2 bath bombs, shampoo bar, bubble bath, shower gel, body scrub, bath salt, body lotion, body butter, body mist, eye mask, and flower bath pour.

Benefits of Lavender Spa Basket: It is an amazing ingredient and touches to your routine or occasional beauty care. The products as a whole give you every element that you might require for the self-care. It has a perfect blend of feel and ingredients that relaxes your mind, gives you a premium bathing experience and provides inner and outer cleanliness.

Luxury to Women: Nothing feels better than a luxurious bathing experience. Females have their ways of getting relaxed, this is one of them. This goes to any occasion that senses importance for them. It could be an anniversary, a wedding or the very near valentines day.

Spa Gift Basket


  • Giving a good quantity in 13 different products making it a great value for money.
  • The packaging adds essence to the product. Though it is not what defines the product, it gives the basket its gift feel.
  • All the products have even quality. They are reviewed individually and the remarks were pretty good. No item will let you down.
  • The product warranty and guarantee are very impressive. They redefine quality assurance, especially on the consumer side.


  • The size of the kit could have been a little bigger to accommodate everything.
  • Not all of these products have a refill so it is not easy to continue using the same kit.

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Final thoughts:

What we are looking at is a complete gift for any female. It has everything that she will need or want for this particular time of her day. The fact that all 13 items involved are evenly remarked and come together in the same packaging is unbelievable. On the other hand, it is put inside a very premium looking cover that is transparent plastic. With the overall basket being tin, the feel of the product is very luxurious. It matches the theme of regular bathing practices as well as something to save for better occasions as well. We recommend this among the top choices to gift females in 2020