NIX advanced digital photo frame best is a unique product that has innovated how we look at technology in our houses. What you are looking at is a digital screen capable of viewing or playing pictures and videos at high resolution. While most people might look at it as an extra device to own, it has become a beautiful piece of technology that displays stunning media on its screen. An easy-to-use plug-and-play frame enables you to have your memories that can include slideshow transitions.

NIX Advance 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Best Highlights:

The Media Experience: You should know that this digital frame is non-wifi. However, it can display more than enough media formats on the screen. To be precise, all JPEG-4 and MPEG-4 audio and video formats, respectively.

Ease in Operation: The digital frame by NIX requires no external support in terms of functionality. You just have to give a source using USB, SD card, or SDHC. This will instantly play videos and display pictures but remember it does not connect to wifi for obtaining images.

The Display: You are witnessing an 8 inch high-resolution IPS display. The display specifications are 1024×768 (4:3). It is backlit and has highly sharp colors due to the very same reason.

Stereo Speakers: Stereo speakers were one of the best additions in the previous generation of smartphones. They were inherited by many tablets manufacturers as well. But due to minimizing the space taken by phone frames, stereo speakers were sacrificed. As a digital frame, this device has enough space to accommodate stereo speakers that perform decently well.

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NIX Advance X08E 8 inch Digital Photo Frame Review

What do people say about NIX Advance 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Best?

“I wasn’t looking for a digital frame with its email address or a frame that was going to call me to remind me to go on another vacation. I wanted superb picture quality, and I needed a frame to recognize portrait orientation and adjust accordingly. My old frame cut off the tops on all portrait pictures (a plus if I was in the shot). This frame has better picture quality than I could have imagined, was a breeze to set up, and adjusted portrait pictures to display the entire image. It sits on my desk at work, and I am blown away by things I’ve never seen in some of these pictures. I usually only write reviews on products I hate, which tells you how much I love this frame.”

– Arthur

“We had a blank white wall in our living room with 2 return air vents up high that was ugly and boring. We bought 2 of these 15-inch frames and hung them from the vents. The frames looked great but the wires were ugly and the grandchildren could pull on them. I added an electrical box at about eye level running a wire from the box below. Then I made a frame out of 1X2 stock and covered it with a piece of luan and framed it with mitered door casing matching the trim in our house.

A couple of screws in the luan mount the digital frames. The frame fits over the power supplies for the digital frames and rests on a couple of deck screws that are screwed into the studs. Now I have a photo art gallery with no visible wires that is nothing short of AWESOME.

They are large enough to be viewed from anywhere in the room and the picture quality is as good as my computer monitor. Changing the pictures is as easy as powering down the frame, changing the USB drive, and powering it back up.”

– Goli

NIX Advance 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame Best


  • The display quality is promising on paper. The better news is that it performs equally well. There is no problem in viewing media even in bright environment lights.
  • Stereo speakers make videos look even better.
  • NIX is providing excellent customer services for the products in multiple locations.


  • It is not a full HD display.
  • There could have been more media formats supported to view on the frame.
  • No wifi or internet connectivity provision.

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 Final thoughts:

The frame by NIX is very stylish. It is built to give your space an aesthetic look and go well with the furniture placed on. An innovative technical touch to your daily interior. Yes, that is what the black finish gives. Even kids can use it. There are no technical complexities, and the media you want to display needs to be provided with a source. The lack of wifi is an obvious letdown, but its glittering quality and playback experience bridge all the gaps. It is an excellent suggestion both as a gift to someone and your daily usage.