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Is Fire Stick the Best Android TV Box in 2022? Find Out Now


TV boxes have gained immense market value since the launch of original TV series or movies applications. From YouTube to amazon videos and Google home, everything has become functional with android TV boxes in the market. Not only are they existing but improving also. An android smart TV box works as a small media center that provides you will all the applications, features, and entertainment that comes with it. Along with this, you get to browse the web and stream internet videos right on your TV. We are here to provide you with the information regarding the best Android TV boxes 2022, elaborated with their complete details.
As mentioned earlier, a few companies have been developing these android TV boxes, and improvements have been witnessed every year. The huge audience that uses these TV box/boxes has a variety of options to pick from. With so many manufacturers, it becomes confusing for the customers to pick the best TV box. The android TV box review is given here lists down the best android TV box/boxes present in the market and discusses their advantages and disadvantages. Their comparison shall help you find the best Android TV box 2022 that you desire for.


In many ways, android smart TV box/boxes find a resemblance to smartphones. It works on a UI with big icons to highlight everything that the box enables your TV to run. Starting from the Google Play store, which will also be the least used application as the real part is further ahead. The apps are optimized for television usage. The list of best Android TV box 2022 provided here is highly modified and works to make the features available on your TVs in the most presentable way. They are supposed to be made visually better, but compatibility is also involved in this app optimization. A direct implication of this is that small developers’ apps are almost impossible to find on the TV. Hence, before the final purchase, it becomes important to go with the best Android smart TV boxes review, which helps get the important details regarding the TV.
Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, YouTube, HBO, BBC iplayer, NBC, MLB.TV and many more. The main media consumption apps that almost everyone in the world are keen to use on better screens and not just their smartphone or PC screens are available with all the TV boxes. We have listed down the best Android TV boxes 2022 below:

Just like powerful options for PC, you can use VPN tricks (preferably VPN Express) to get access to geo-restricted content.




MECOOL is very proud of its TV box certified by Google. This has a lot of perks that customers are aware of. It allows you to use Google Home and Google Mini easily and without external supports (specifically). Even your compatible home appliances would be controlled with this feature, making your life feel much advanced. Along with all the google services that include YouTube and other media apps, the assistant features make MECOOL among the best Android TV boxes of the 2022 year.
It is a good approach to go with the android TV boxes review first before its final purchase. The KM9 Pro looks beastly with the specifications on paper. Working on android 9.0 and USB 3 ports for connectivity, the box supports a dual WiFi band for uninterrupted media usage. The transmission is rated at 640 MB/s. It does have an Ethernet port. The 2.4G and 5G WiFi bands work perfectly well. Coming to the core internal specs, the MECOOL KM9 has 4 GB RAM to support 32 GB ROM that is quad-core DDR4. This space and numbers make even bigger games run seamlessly on your screen, making the gaming experience a treat on TV.

As far as quality is concerned, even 4k videos can be viewed with KM9 but the TV does decide the resolution and frames quality of the content. However, one thing to pay attention to is the voice control remote which has a reasonably good range of 50 feet. Navigating on television becomes much easier with this remote. 

MECOOL KM9 PRO Google Certified The Real Android TV OS Android 9.0 Pie DDR4 4GB RAM 32GB ROM with Voice Search Remote Control Dual Band WiFi 2.4G 5G 4K UHD HDR HDCP 2.2 OTA Supported, acemaxtec

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MECOOL KM9 PRO Google Certified The Real Android TV OS Android 9.0 Pie DDR4 4GB RAM 32GB ROM with Voice Search Remote Control Dual Band WiFi 2.4G 5G 4K UHD HDR HDCP 2.2 OTA Supported

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An Android TV Box is a box that attaches to a TV that offers access to films, television programs, live channels, sports, and more. The term “Android” is the operating system’s name running these hubs for entertainment.
Android TV Box(es) come in any shape and scale. Well-known electronics makers sell many, and some are standardized shipments typically delivered from China.
As of this article, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 K is the most common Android TV set. This inexpensive little plastic rectangle is driven by Android OS and is highly popular thanks to the free media which can be viewed after jailbreaking it.
App developers and box manufacturers considered this a perfect tool to use because of the open design of the Android OS and its success.

The Google Play Store or Amazon App Store contains virtually thousands of applications. When an item in these app stores is not available, it can be sideloaded to the device.
The sideloading process on an Android smartphone is easy & allows users to take advantage of any application created for that platform.
Many other media boxes like Roku & Apple TV, but closed structures make these devices less common. It’s important to note that various versions of the Android OS are being used on several different devices.


Each Android TV Box is driven by either Android TV, a variant of Android TVs such as Fire OS or Stock Android. Android TV is Google’s operating system designed to work beautifully with remote control and tv. Amazon also develops a related Android television operating system called the Fire OS.
Both Android TV and Fire OS have a nice 10-foot experience which means that when you sit on the couch in your living room, navigating the screen is an easy task on those devices.
Stock Android can be thought of as the operating system you’d see on an Android phone or tablet. This OS is not designed for TV, but these boxes’ distributors make custom launchers that allow remote navigation on a TV.
I generally refer to the Stock Android Boxes as “normal Android TV Boxes” because hundreds of these are available on the Internet, and most are delivered from China.

Examples of Android TV Devices:

  2. Xiaomi Mi Box S
  3. Jetstream Android TV Box

Examples of Fire OS Android TV Box

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4 K
  2. 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV Stick
  3. Amazon Fire TV Cube

Examples of Android Stock Box (Generic Android TV Boxes)

  1. X96 Max
  2. Beelink GT-King

Note: Many vendors run modified Android TV models on their units. All appears to work the same as an NVIDIA SHIELD but it doesn’t work the same.

We saw that with the MECOOL M8S PRO in which Chromecast wasn’t operating correctly. We couldn’t stream movies in HD on services like Netflix & Amazon Prime, either.

Don’t get me wrong, the M8S PRO L is a fantastic device but we usually see a few things lacking in the full-blown Android TV experience.

Let’s dig deep at the pros & cons of both Android TV & Stock Android systems now



  • Outstanding User Interface: As previously described, Android TV and Fire OS have been developed for TV, which is why the user interface functions very well.
  • Both Fire OS & Google Play Store apps are tailored for TV: The Google Play Store you see on Android TV platforms is different from what you see on Android Stock. The AppStore on Android TV boxes allows only applications which have been designed for TV. So, if the app you’re looking for is accessible on your Android phone but isn’t accessible on your NVIDIA SHIELD, it’s because the developer hasn’t created a version for Android TV. It could even be a con as you’ll see the following
  • Sideloading Available: If apps are not accessible from their respective app store, we could sideload apps to the system.
  • Quality Products: NVIDIA & Amazon both are well-respected companies and they ensure that their hardware uses the finest components.
  • Android Updates Available: Most Android TV devices come from trustworthy providers and then as they are available they provide Android updates.
  • Good for games, if game requirements are fulfilled by specs


  • Limited App Store: Only TV-optimized applications are available for download via the Google Play Store or the Fire OS. Nevertheless, bear in mind that when appropriate we can still sideload apps we need.
  • Advertisement: Amazon Fire OS and several Android TV platforms have started putting advertisements on such boxes’ screens. This is how Amazon could get away with selling the Fire TV Stick 4 K for a small price.
  • Less Open: These devices aren’t rooted, which means we can’t configure some stuff & there are apps that we can’t use.
  • Less Storage: Typically these machines come with minimal internal storage.



  • Access to most Google Play Store games.
  • Most stock Android TV Boxes are embedded and full flexibility is possible.
  • In terms of processing & storage, they value your money.
  • Easier to modify because of the open Android Stock system without any locks in place


  • Updates to Android are usually minimal or inexistent.
  • Restricted customer service since most of these businesses is shipped from China.
  • The experience with remote control is less than satisfactory.
  • Currently, Netflix & Amazon Prime apps do not broadcast in HD. That could also be the case with other higher-paid services.
  • Most of the apps you install are not developed for use with remote control.


Hundreds of various Android smart TV boxes are on the market and it can be a challenging job to think of choosing the best one.

First, you should know what you are going to use the device for.

  • Will it be able to run premium on-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime for example?
  • Are you going to use it to download movies & tv shows from the free APKs (Android Apps) or services?
  • Want to be playing games with your Android TV box?

If you’re new to cord-cutting, first I recommend getting an Android TV Box sold by a reputable retailer like Amazon, or NVIDIA.

Generally, these providers offer regular upgrades and will include a reliable streaming system for a period of two or three years.

If you’re more technologically inclined and like electronics tinkering then a generic stock Android TV Box may be for you. Bear in mind that these usually do not receive additional updates to Android, so support is very limited.

Don’t get too stuck on the fact that you may not be receiving future updates to Ios. Let’s be frank, the Android 7 to 9 improvements aren’t quite obvious. Besides, you’ll likely be due in two to three years for a new streaming device anyway.

A few things I really like about Generic Android TV Boxes are large storage capacity, several USB ports, Ethernet port, and fast CPU. Looking at the famous Fire TV lineup, you’ll find there’s restricted storage, limited USB support, and no Ethernet cable.

Several Techtalkplanet users have used a cheap Android TV box on a TV in a spare room, shed, etc. They then find that they still like it better than those sold by the more popular retailers like Amazon and NVIDIA. So, if you’d like to dive into one of these popular Android TV sets, maybe first try it on a spare TV to see if you like it.
Look no further than the NVIDIA SHIELD if you’re into gaming. This Android TV Box was designed both for streaming and for gaming. This machine can also be bought using a dedicated NVIDIA gamepad.
Unless you are already using platforms such as Netflix & Amazon Prime, I recommend you stay away from the generic Android TV Boxes. Such platforms do not deliver HD content, and the applications are typically hard to navigate on the default boxes.