Most of the portable devices come with limited battery life that compel you into carrying multiple chargers with you to work and trips, thus making it a tedious task to pack all your chargers to keep your devices running. But the Pilot 4GS Poweradd 12000 mAh charger comes with a world of power thus allowing you to save up on your time and charge two of your devices at once! The market is flooded with an array of power banks, but why we recommend using the Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Portable Charger is because it is practical, humanized and sleek. The 12000mAh portable charger provides at least 4.5 charges for an iPhone 6s, or more than 1.5 solid charges for an iPad Mini, which means you get a charging station even if you are on a long trip.

Apple users need not worry as the included 1-meter 8-Pin lightning cable should be enough to keep your uncertainties at bay. Dual smart ports allow you to charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time, with a maximum charging speed of 3A per port and a total current of 5V/3A; a 5V/2A input guarantees that the Pilot 4GS is instantly recharged.

We know that a lot goes into considering which charger to spend your money upon and we have done our research well, thus we are giving an authentic analysis about the product for your ease.

We call this product clever and sleek because of its chic aluminum alloy body with an anodized finish, the body has an anti-fingerprint design. It also has an imported LG A+ Li polymer cell with the finest microchip multi-protect system that smartly protects your devices even when they get overcharged, over discharged, overheated and basically any other risks that you can think of.

It weighs just 9.10 ounces, which is approximately 258 grams, so you can charge your smartphone in your pocket without even feeling any added weight. The 5 V/3A(Max) ports give your device the fastest charging time. And the micro-USB port is used to charge Pilot 4GS itself beforehand or to charge micro-USB-enabled devices. Pilot 4GS can be charged by the USB port as well. Besides, Pilot 4GS has more than 500 charge cycles during its span of life.


  • Input (lightning port): 5V/2A (Max)
  • Output: USB1-5V/3A; USB2- 5V/3A. (Max)
  • Dimensions: 5.6 x 2.91 X 0.58 inches
  • Weight: 9.10 ounces

Giant Power Reserve — High-Capacity Power Bank

A robust 12000mAh battery is also included in the Pilot 4GS battery pack, which can store a lot of power. It takes almost 10 hours to fully charge Pilot 4GS and fill up this giant power reserve. When the Pilot 4GS battery pack is fully charged, it can offer a great deal of power for your devices. The battery pack, for example, can fully charge all iPhones 5 to 6 times, a Galaxy S4 3 to 4 times, and an iPad twice. The internal reserved power of the Pilot 4GS battery pack can be well kept for future usage for six months if it is unused.

Intelligent Protection

The Pilot 4GS portable power bank is made of high-tech grade A high-energy lithium polymer batteries, which are considerably more sturdy than standard batteries. Overcharge, over discharge, overheating, and short circuits may all be largely removed (avoided) thanks to the modern lithium polymer battery cells and built-in microchips. Due to effective intelligent protection, your worry-free use and the long-life span of both your devices and the battery pack will be totally ensured.

Overall, the Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Portable Charger, that costs $ $24.99 is a fantastic option that can charge a lot of gadgets. So, if you’ve been hunting for a high-quality power bank with a bunch of security features, this Pilot 4GS power bank is well worth the investment (spend).

What comes with your device?

The Poweradd package includes :

  • Poweradd Pilot 4GS x 1
  • Apple 8-Pin cable x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Feedback Card x 1
  • A 24-Month limited product warranty and 24×7 friendly customer service.

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