VPN is used to protect your network from internet traffic and provides encryption to the internet traffic for security. Encryption makes the original information unreadable to make it secure. Hackers and service providers can get access to your information, so encryption is used to secure it. The IP address is changed and a new location can be selected. After changing your IP your identity is invisible to websites, apps, and services.

There are many VPNs available but the most popular ones are discussed below.


The foremost thing required by VPN users is fast speed and great app ratings. It allows access on five different devices at a time. The reach of ExpressVPN is larger, each time you log in, you get a new IP that will protect you from getting tracked by someone. Netflix can be accessed and torrent files can be downloaded as well. It can be used on iOS and android to browse using a browser extension like Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox. The cost is a little high at 12.95 dollars per month, 59.95 dollars for six months and 99.95 for a year.


IPVanish can be accessed on desktop devices, iOS, macOS, and FireTv. The speed is great and can be used in more than 75 different locations. It can be used on as many devices as the user wants.  The most liked thing about it is that the users can get customer support 24/7, unlike other VPNs that allow customer support for a limited time. It is an affordable VPN with 3.20 dollars per month. The downloading speed is relatively faster. Its efficiency can be understood by the fact that it got a 4.5 rating and 4200 reviews.


It can be operated in 60 countries with 5200 servers. It can be accessed on Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. A user can use it on 6 devices at a time. The best part is that it provides customer support 24/7 and has eight million customers worldwide. Apps like Netflix can be accessed easily. The pricing is 11.95 dollars per month but signing up for a year can provide a better option as the cost goes down to 4.92 dollars per month with 59 dollars. Moreover, signing up for two years will cost 44.04 dollars per year with a decrease of 3.67 dollars. It protects the privacy of the user by not sharing the data with the government as it is under the international surveillance of Five eyes.


It is a secure VPN that does not allow access to IP addresses and browsing histories. Netflix and other famous apps like Disney +, Prime Video, BBC, Kodu can be accessed. It is the most affordable VPN with 9.95 dollars per month and a yearly subscription of only 3.50 dollars. Apart from low prices, it provides deals and discounts on occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and green day.


It is a private VPN present in 68 countries and has 6500 servers. It gives an IP address that can be used every time. Some websites block new addresses, so using the same address was beneficial. It provides subscriptions at a very affordable rate of 2.04 dollars a month.


It provides an anonymous IP address, hiding your identity online. It provides good customer support that is available 24/7 with the option of live chat. Users were satisfied with this as they got a reply within seconds. CyberGhost allows access to seven devices at a time and that too with unlimited data. The pricing is 12.99 dollars a month. Subscribing for six months or two years will provide a good price.

Hotspot Shield

It is considered a fast VPN and can be accessed on Windows and Mac. A free option can be availed that provides 500 bandwidths, ideal for performing searches. Netflix and downloading from torrent can be done easily. The pricing is 12.99 dollars per month and the subscription can cost less if taken for one or two years.


PotonVPN provides fast speed on windows and mac computers. It protects the privacy of the users as it has made agreements with international surveillance of Five eyes and Nine eyes. It offers free service but access to it is limited to three countries which are the US, Japan, and the Netherlands. Apps like zoom worked well with no lagging. Subscription for one or two years is much cheaper than a monthly subscription which is 7.59 dollars.


It provides different IP addresses every time that cannot be traced easily with access on unlimited devices. Netflix and torrent can be accessed. The 30-day trial period is also available for new subscribers. It can be accessed in 60 countries and has servers in 20 cities. Surf Shark is capable of finding the right server for the right streaming service. HBO max, Disney+, YouTube can also be streamed.

Private Internet Access VPN

Apple, Android, and Windows can access the Private Internet Access. It provides a different IP address every time the user connects to it which helps in maintaining privacy online. Private Internet Access VPN allows access to ten devices at a time. The subscription will cost 4.99 dollars a month but the prices for a year are worth it. If the user takes a subscription for ten devices a year, then it would cost 59.99 dollars. That makes the monthly cost as low as 0.50 dollars for a single device. It also offers discounts and deals on Black Friday and Big Monday.


When you are present online, you are vulnerable to many Cyber Attacks but by using a VPN you can save yourself. To protect your privacy online use a VPN app that will work in the background without causing any interference or glitch in your work. ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, Ivacy, PureVPN, CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield, ProtonVPN, Surfshark, Private Internet Access VPN are the top VPNs that provide quality services.

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