Is it necessary to think that the best web hosting has to be expensive? No, that’s not the scenario now. There are a lot of web hosting sites that are good and cheap. Today, where people are working digitally more than physically, starting and building up a blog is not an easy task. Many competitors in the market might have a better website than yours.

The web hosting services now come with a deal of being the best and cheapest. The cheapest WordPress hostings now come with an instant WordPress Installer and have the ability to allow the newbies to create a post and make it ready to promote in the competitive market just within 60 seconds. Cannot believe it, right? Not only that, but you also have the option of creating your theme and plugins.


Whenever it comes to building a blog, the first thing that comes to your mind is security. The main aim of WordPress Hosting is to make your blogging life less complicated and more secure. However, keeping a website protected requires the necessity to update it from time to time.

Some best cheap WordPress hosting offers you WordPress plans, but we don’t want you to get confused.

One of the best things about WordPress hosting is that it has the option of updating the plugins and themes automatically, thus making your work easier. In addition, it helps in running several projects at one time with a more implausible speed. You also have the option of using WordPress Pro if you are a professional working in designing, as the Pro provides the debauched setup on the steadfast cloud setup.


So, we have shortlisted the five best cheap hostings for WordPress to point you in the best direction. We have everything you need for all the startup businesses with the best deal. So, no more worrying about the cost. Let us read about them one by one in brief:

  1. Hostinger

    as of March 25, 2024 4:38 pm

    The first one in the list of best cheap WordPress hosting 2022 is Hostinger. Do you know why is it one of the best out of 5? The pricing starts from the lowest of $1.99/month, irrespective of any plan you want to choose for your blog. It provides you with a speedy performance, user-friendly, and professional-level support system at such cheap rates.

    Apart from the costing, Hostinger serves in 7 locations worldwide, Brazil, Singapore, UK, US, Netherlands, Lithuania, and Indonesia. Thus, you are also getting an option that’s closer to you. The servers used are LiteSpeed web servers and have the latest PHP versions, and WordPress updates and other software updates are also available. Unfortunately, the only con is that the cheapest plan does not have a free domain

  2. Dreamhost

    as of March 25, 2024 4:38 pm

    The second-best cheap web hosting for WordPress is Dreamhost. Performance-wise, there’s no doubt why it is said to be the second best. It has dedicated and quick loading servers, and the website loading is not very time-consuming.

    There are two plans, and both come with free domain, bandwidth, backups, and, more importantly, security. The Basic plan consists of 1 website and 50GB storage, and there are no emails included. The other plan consists of unlimited websites and is inclusive of emails. Imagine so many things at just $2.59/month with the 3-year plan (Basic Plan) and $2.95 with the 1-year plan (shared unlimited plan).

    One con with Dreamhost is that the server is present in the US only.

  3. Hostgator

    as of March 25, 2024 4:38 pm

    The third best cheap WordPress hosting is Hostgator. This has three main plans, and the cost ranges from $2.75 to $5.95/month. You also get the cPanel for hosting management.

    At such a cheap rate, you have one thing in common: all the plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth connection. Not only that, an SSL certificate and a free domain act as the cherry on the cake. No doubt, why HostGator comes in the list of top 5 cheapest WordPress Hosting list.

    One con of this Hostgator is that it has uncertain resource limits.

  4. Bluehost

    as of March 25, 2024 4:38 pm

    Bluehost automatically downloads the WordPress and builds up working or a management area for you. The features included here are staging tools, caching settings, and global update management. Bluehost is one of the significant sites that provide a user-friendly environment and that too with the basic plan costing $3.95/month.

    The Basic plan consists of 1 website and 50GB of storage. Don’t worry before paying as it is one of the most trustworthy and the best cheap hosting for WordPress. As per the reports, it is said that Bluehost has a 99.99% uptime result.

    One con is that it’s a bit costly than all others mentioned, and there is no total focus on the speed.

  5. Hostpapa

    as of March 25, 2024 4:38 pm

    Last but not least, HostPapa is the best cheap web hosting for WordPress when it comes to all the beginners trying to rise in the market. There are two plans, and both the plans come with a bandwidth connection, an SSL certificate and a free domain.

    What else do you need as a beginner? The costing start for the basic plan is $3.95/month, and the renewals cost $9.99/month. It comes with a two-website limit and SSD storage of 100 MB. The business plan starts from $3.95/month, and the renewals begin from $14.99/month. Moreover, the business plan does not have a crowded server, thus giving you a better performance.

    The cons are like the cost is a bit higher than other sites, and the server might respond slower at times.

    Everything that you dream of for your website is available here. Blogging gives you a lot of pressure right from content creation and research work. So, WordPress hosting takes care of all the other things and helps you stress less and comfortably sitting and working on the look of your website. As everyone knows, face matters the most.

    Choose what suits you without thinking about the financial problem.