It’s one of the year’s most anticipated consumer items. Buyers and car enthusiasts alike are eagerly waiting for the release of the vehicle. About a year ago, you were informed that the brand was looking for automotive partners after interacting with Volkswagen, Kia, and Nissan.

According to the most latest details, the firm has finally discovered the ideal candidate. We’re going to lay out what we know about Apple’s connection with a brand for its impending Apple automobile project in this article. Let us begin.

Who might be Apple Partnering with?

Apple is anticipated to execute a contract with LG, Magna International – one of the former phone manufacturers – and Magna may also cooperate with LG in the coming weeks. LG and Magna could collaborate to assist Apple in growing its electric train system. Magna may be responsible for little more than producing the requisite quantities of materials for the Apple automobile.

LG previously had a joint venture with Magna called ‘LG Magna E-powertrain.’ The success of this business shows that the agreement will be implemented, as opposed to what we’ve seen with Apple thus far. The details of the negotiations have not been made public, although a final deal is extremely likely.

What can we expect with the Apple Car?

If the Apple Car really is real, it will bring cutting-edge new technologies to the automobile. Earlier reports indicated that the corporation was developing a technology for automatically tinting car windows. LiDAR suppliers have been in discussions with the firm, as self-driving cars would be far more predictable and hence more efficient if equipped with LiD. Next-generation battery technologies are being developed for the Apple car, which may double the existing range.

Additionally, the Apple Car interface is compatible with smartphones manufactured by the American telecom giant (car manufacturer). It is also possible that the brand may develop the technology and then apply it to other areas such as automobiles. There is no official word on what the brand intends to do at the moment, but there is more good news on the way.

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