WhatsApp is upgrading the user experience by introducing several new features, including improved camera settings and the ability to send voice notes that play in the background. In a future release, the Meta-backed business will offer additional sketching tools. A new pencils icon will appear, allowing you to draw on photos or videos before forwarding them. There is already a pencil option, but the next update will include two more pencils, one thinner and one heavier, for a better sketching experience.

In the future, there will also be a blur picture tool. The functionality was spotted in the WhatsApp beta for Android, although it was turned off by default. However, the functionality is still in development, so it may be a while before WhatsApp makes it available to beta testers.

Furthermore, WhatsApp for Desktop users will be able to choose from a variety of new chat bubble colors. When using WhatsApp in dark mode, the new dark blue color will be visible on the screen. The update, which is available for WhatsApp beta for Desktop 2.2201.2.0 applications for Windows and macOS, will make the conversation bubble appear greener than it already does. In addition, according to reports, the char bat and backdrop colors will be altered, with a blue tint to the former and white for the latter.

In other changes, WhatsApp for iOS users will soon be able to control which alerts they wish to receive—for individuals or group chats—and how to customize the notification noises. This will allow them to manage their notifications better. In addition, a message reaction details page will also be available. Users will see who responded to the message and which emoji was chosen to express their sentiment.

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