Fathers day is not far away. It is time to show love to your beloved parent. We have come up with some amazing unique father’s day gifts ideas for your dad. These products are chosen from different categories to match the interests of different people. That being said you will be able to find tech, music, and many other digital gift ideas on this list. Let us quickly jump into the list and have a look at them.

Phonesoap 3 Smartphone Sanitizer & Charger

phonesoap-3-smartphone-snaitizerOur phone screens come in contact with our face very often. This is the very reason why we want our devices to be clean. Especially when viruses like corona are spreading, we must keep them clean. Phonesoap has come with this compact yet useful product that solves all your device issue alone. It predominantly works as a power bank. But the device is innovated using mobile sanitizer. It is tested to work on multiple screens and the results are satisfactory. It can kill almost all the germs and bacteria present on the screen. Therefore if you want to gift something to a phone addict, then this is the best deal for you.

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Jabra Elite Active 65t Wireless Earbuds

Any gifts list is incomplete without earbuds. If you have a dad who is a gym shark or lives to listen to music when driving, jogging, at home then here is a perfect pair of earbuds for them. The Jabra elite is an amazing pair of earbuds that come at a reasonable price with all the essential features. With great sound quality and control features, the 65t model is also designed to perfectly sit in your ear. Even during the most active sessions, they wouldn’t come off unless you pull them. The earbuds can be controlled using a dedicated app by the manufacturers. With their ability to take calls and not worry about audio drops, this is a definite worthy earbud to spend on.

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FIIL Personal Hearing Aid with Noise Cancelling

Personal sound amplifying products, or PSAPs, are designed to boost environmental hearing for people without hearing loss. They aren’t selective in what sounds they amplify and are commonly used to “keep an ear” on children or babies in another room. They’ve also been advertised to improve sound quality during recreational activities like birdwatching and theatre. FIIL-G2090 picks up sounds and amplifies the audio. It filters the distortion and static before amplifying the sound. It is small and comfortable to use while providing clear sounds with little to no distortion.

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Tile Mate Key Finder Bluetooth Tracker

This is a tiny product that has a very particular feature. However, it solves your issue of looking for your phone, remote, keys, or anything small enough to go out of sight. The tile mate is an application-based product that can ring using the app. This app is available for all iOS and Android users. Using a tile mate is pretty simple. All you have to do is to tag the tile with the object that you want to keep a track of. It has a replaceable battery that has the assurance to work for 1 year. It is a simple yet useful product to own

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Gosund Smart Plug With Alexa

Forget the concern of leaving switches on or off. Gosund mini has brought the perfect automation product that doesn’t only give you comfort but takes it to a different level with the range it provides. You can control almost any electronic device using this simple plug. The plug is supposed to connect with the device that you would want to use it for. Then using the dedicated app that can help you control the connectivity and switching can be easily installed on any apps store. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

If you work in an office or even from home then you know how important a cup of coffee is for you. The ember temperature control mug is giving its users the comfort to leave their cup for a while but still be able to have their drink warm. With a battery life of about 1 hour and get a 1-year warranty from Ember, the product has gained immense popularity in all age groups. The premium design and material choice make it the go-to product in this category. The mug is safe to be washed and cleaned and use the entire day. The capacity of this mug is about 300 ml and the LED light present like an accent takes care of all the alerts that notify temperature and quantity.

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NIX Advance 8 Inch USB Digital Photo Frame With Hu Motion

Photo frames have become the spark of house interiors. Not just the wall frame but the table frames as well have become a great liking for people. NIX Advance is here to change the way frames have been. The digital frame by NIX is capable of playing photos and videos on display just like a normal frame would do. But you no longer have to get physical copies of your photos. All you have to do is give the media files as input and enjoy changing to different photos of sceneries on the digital display. It has a premium frame built and high-quality resolution.

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Renpho Shiatsu Foot Massager

While everyone is at home, the one thing that is a part of our weekly routine would be self-care. The foot massager by renpho has emerged to be one of the best foot massagers in the market. It is a full-size foot massager that can accommodate up to 12 men size and give professional massage experience. It helps in relieving physical exhaustion, leg pain, muscle stress which contributes to having a better sleep. Therefore, this is a highly recommended product to gift your father on fathers day.

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Spytech GPS Tracker Device GL300

Here is a durable and powerful device that can help you track anyone and anything. This small yet durable device works when brought into physical contact with the person or vehicle that you would want to contact. Once attached it can use google maps data and share location to the most accurate point of that particular person to your smartphone. This device has come handy in security purposes as well as tracking someone that you suspect. Because of its durability, it can be attached to vehicles with no worries.

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Victrola 8 in 1 Record Player

If you love music and you like to have antiques or vintage possessions then you are looking at a dream come true product. This record payer is exactly what will remind you of the 70s to 90s era. A good high-quality music experience that is technology-enabled. It enhances the whole feel of olden days of music. An ideal gift for your dad or grandfather. It is capable of playing cassettes and use software to take songs directly as well. This makes it a unique and useful gift.

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Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Offset Smoker

The BBQ grills have been the specialty of several house parties. They are just as important as music for the parties. If you have a lawn that hosts friends and families often then we have a deal for you. This BBQ grill is preferred over many other grills especially in this price range. Reasons being its capacity and the ease with which it can be cleaned to reuse. It has ample area dedicated to main cooking. It has porcelain coating on the cooking surface so that the meat is not stuck and cooked evenly. Help your dad host a wonderful party by gifting him the Royal gourmet BBQ grill.

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Fulllight Tech Beard Kit For Men

Facial hair is a major part of men’s life. The beard kit hamper that is brought to you by FULLLIGHT TECH is one of the best deals you will find on the internet. It comes with different products that can be used to take care of your beard. Along with shampoo, it has oil, shaping tools, balm, oil and much more. Not only that, but you also get a comb and scissors that are specifically sized for beards. For al the men who love taking care of their facial hair, this is the best product.

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Final thoughts

These gifts are not just to make your father feel good but also to give him something that he can use daily. All the products that you see on this list are having great usability. At the same time, they are very elegant and touch al categories of gifts that you can think. It is time to think beyond watches and shoes. Gift something that makes your dad’s time worthwhile.