After unveiling the Google Pixel 6a at Google IO 2022, the company shocked us by going into great depth on the Google Pixel 7 series.

This phone (and its Pro sister) were expected to appear in October, and that’s when we’ll likely see a ‘full’ launch and release, so this is just a sneak peek for now. It was, nevertheless, a heartening glimpse.

We know a few critical details and have seen the photo above. The novel feature is that the metal frame is one piece with the camera bump, and it appears to be built of recyclable materials.

We may deduce that the Google Pixel 7 Pro will have three lenses, while the Pixel 7 will only have two; this corresponds to the Google Pixel 6 phones, albeit there may be some hardware advancements.

Both phones will employ the next-generation Google Tensor chipset, which debuted in the iPhone 6 series, and should be a little speedier and perhaps offer some great new photo capabilities.

The phones will also run Android 13, which was previously discussed on stage. To be honest, we were hoping for something similar.

This isn’t much information, but it’s a lot more than we anticipated to learn about the Google Pixel 7 phones this early in the year – perhaps Google is planning a teasy year of clues and winks. Let’s see.