Drones are not termed as glorified toys anymore. If you are a photographer or tech enthusiast there is always a reason good enough to buy a drone as it is being used widely by customers. It takes the cinematic and photography experience to a much better level because this generation drones are highly stable with amazing quality on their camera lens. While most of the drones concentrate on enhancing the performance for media applications, a few have developed advanced features that are used for airports security and also military purposes. One thing is clear, drones are pricey and one must have a thorough idea of what they are looking for in the drone. After testing and studying public reviews we are listing the 5 best drone with camera that would fit for any category of customer. Read till the very end before taking your gadget decision.

6 skydio 2 review


Skydio 2 ($ 999) is one of the most innovative auto-follow drone on the face of the earth. Thanks to a range of 6 4K cameras as well as some exclusive software application established by a group of MIT grads, this drone is capable of flying, filming, evading challenges, and also planning out cinematic trip courses, all with no input from the user.

This is the 2nd generation of the drone, and in this brand-new and also enhanced version, Skydio has tried to resolve the kinks that plagued the initial. So, when I got my hands on a review device, I did the only point I could think about to examine an auto-follow drone of this caliber. Read the entire skydio 2 review here.

5 best drone with camera - mavic air


The new Mavic air is an amazingly engineered drone that can be recommended for anyone because of its strength and camera quality. It has an ultra-portable design that performs handsomely for the size that it comes at. The foldable design makes it one of the very few drones that have this ability. It is optimized to be sharply aerodynamic and efficiently reduced form factor.

The Mavic air has made significant improvement from its previous drones which include a new gimbal system extended with a set of dampeners to reduce vibrations in the working drone. This enables better photos even at higher altitudes. Along with the traditional camera setup, it has panorama ability to capture 25 photos in just 8 seconds and create an immersive perspective with the 32 MP focused lens. The video dedicated camera captures 4k video at 30 fps with ultra-HD quality. The drone is designed elegantly with strong performance and has great public reviews.

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4 best drone - yuneec-typhoon h pro


The typhoon-H comes with Intel real-sense technology that enables intelligent features for this hi-tech drone. The USP of this drone is its artificial intelligence that gets better with every flight. The software running it is capable of re-routing itself and focuses on any desired object by making a 3-D map of its environment. The drone is used rated as a great option for professional yet affordable usage and improves a lot on its performance than most drones in the market.

Apart from the obstacle avoiding technology, the tycoon-H pro has 6 motors which encourage secured flying mechanism and avoids crashing in case of failures. The drone genuinely impressed us with the performance and is a great deal considering the technology and price.

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3 Camera Drone - DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Making it to the list is DJI’s second drone that has 2 variants namely the Mavic 2 pro and the Mavic 2 zoom. Both of them are identical on all terms except for the cameras they hold. All the specs apart from the camera would apply on both the variants unless stated otherwise. To compare it with the original Mavic drone, the successor has slightly improved speed and flight time. The software and sensing ability are major improvements which concern with camera quality.

The pro version supports autonomous control to capture moving objects with better precision. Both the models have OcuSync 2.0 which indicates the latest video technology. The sensing technology is omnidirectional because of 10 sensors that focus at different angles for 360-degree performance. While the 1-inch adjustable sensor on pro does a tremendous job, zoom 2 has smaller 1/2.3 inch sensor which enables a zoom ranging from 24mm to 48 mm.

Both the cameras try to bring better exposure and allow angled light that results in much detailed picture quality. The parallax effect of these cameras set a quality cinematic experience and the drone is highly recommended to videographers who record in challenging conditions.

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2 Best Drone With Camera - Dji Phantom 4


For a significant amount of time, the Phantom 4 has been the drone to beat in the market. It does justice to the tagline ‘elevated vision’ with its beastly specs in both camera and drone. On paper, the 1-inch sensor has F 2.8 aperture which is backed with a mechanical shutter which comes together to create brilliant camera performance. The 4k videography could be performed at 60 fps giving a much detailed scenery and slow-motion video. These specs help it in making every image and video a cinematic shot.

The extended dynamic range with 20 MP quality helps in fitting more detail in one shot which is very important in landscape conditions. In addition to this, the drone has a 5.5-inch monitor to keep track of all the scenes. This screen is way brighter than usual tablets that are designed to view even in bright sunlight providing uninterrupted performance. It comes with 5 differently angled sensors that take a big step in obstacle avoidance.

These sensors are infrared and in case of drone loss, this technology helps in directing the drone back while dynamically avoiding the obstacles. The Phantom 4 pro has improved battery life that lasts for full 30 minutes even after increased functionality. The speed is made 10 miles per hour faster than any other drone in the market. All of these features and flight capabilities make phantom 4 the most advanced drone for professional applications.

1 Drone With Camera - Dji-Inspire-2


The DJI Inspire 2 is a definite win-win drone for any list. In fact, the videography on this drone is so good that it resembles a movie experience composed manually. The specifications and feature are mostly inherited from the DJI Phantom 4, which is widely known to be the best drone camera drone in the market, but the inspire 2 comes with optimized design and sophisticated shots and performance.

Aesthetically, this drone is twice as big and twice as fast as the phantom 4 which makes it a stronger performer with better endurance. The unique feature of Inspire 2 includes a dedicated first-person-view camera and a polished propeller design which avoids any interruption by the fans.

This also makes dual-pilot support more reasonable as both FPV and video camera can be handled differently. Apart from the top-notch specs and camera quality, the most impressive part of Inspire 2 is its videography ability which is unbeatable. The X5S and X7 and hands-down best cameras on any drone out there and this beat phantom 4’s x4S camera quality.

It would be difficult to list all the specs of Inspire 2 because of how advanced the drone is. But the definite implication is that it is an expensive drone for sophisticated usage and not just a glorified tech toy.

Both technical and performance aspects are explained in the article and though they seem expensive they do an excellent job which makes the price seem less of an issue. These are irresistible deals for users and surely have satisfactory results and amazing specs to back their reviews.