Documentation is essential. Even in this digital era, scanners play an important role. Due to the originality and clarity that scanners bring on paper have been professional and privately used in several sectors. However, scanners today do much more than just scan hard copies. Brands like wolverine and Kodak have made some of the best slide scanners that can do multiple jobs resting under your pc. These are capable of porting to external devices and scanning documents directly. On the other hand, they can also convert films into digital formats. The stronger ones are also used in many cinematography applications and premium hardware.

One thing that can be concluded is that if you are looking for a scanner that can assist you in all your practical applications, there should be zero compromises on the quality. This takes the price up but ensures the endurance of the device. More often than not, these scanners experience heating issues and can stop working after a certain period. The online market has been paying significant attention to scanners and other essential devices in professional workspaces. While every online store, especially the companies, is selling all these scanners themselves, Amazon has been able to pull some of the best deals that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Based on their capabilities and features, let us review and rate some of these best slide scanners in 2022. We will include the links for direct buying options from amazon, so read till the end and think twice before you opt for any of these.

WOLVERINE Film2Digital MovieMaker

wolverine film2digital slide scanners

To comply with this scanner’s basic specifications, you should know that the wolverine scanner comes in a 10*4.5*7 inches form factor. These dimensions are moderately finished as scanners can sometimes be much bigger. Released as a strong statement in 2021, the slide scanner runs seamlessly and has faced no issues even in heavy-duty services. It weighs around 3 pounds but has a shipping weight of 4.5 pounds which wouldn’t bother the device in any way. It takes one lithium battery to run it and supports the power consumption.
The 8 mm and super8 makers is a technology that embarked on the advancements of this particular conversion technology. The device is completely automated for this feature and has no faults whatsoever. The entire reel conversion takes place frame by frame and obtains a high-quality digital video. All major operating systems support the playback of this file.



The more affordable option that wolverine has to offer is its titan who came as a compact option in the following year that Film2Digital was released. While the converter is small, it does pull off some powerful tasks. It dimensionally measures 5*3.5*4 inches which are way more compact than the other models in this market. This scanner can deal with negatives easily and at the same time perform conversions too. We are looking at a film to digital converter that weighs merely 1 pound. Yes, that is right. Even after being a compact scanner, it never fails to get the job done.
The additional piece of hardware which makes it look beautiful and much more than just a scanner is its LCD screen. The 4.3 inches screen displays everything that needs to be converted or scanned. The display controls are easy and take only a week or two to get used to. The 8-in-1 conversion that we are talking about is HDMI supported. All the formats of these negatives are digitized using this converter into JPEG format. Converting them helps you get rid of all the negatives and space that their hardware takes.

Speed of processing is another impressive feature that the titan encloses in it. It makes it only about 3 seconds to scan and process one slide or, in other words, a whole frame. The exact speed and consistency can be seen in adapting negatives too. The conversion quality is measured at 20 MP images which only needs a button push.

KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanners:

KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanners

Kodak is a well-established electronic devices manufacturer which builds beautiful scanners. The miniature model is one of the best-sold slide scanners on the internet. It is dimensionally measured at 3.6*3.4*3.9 inches and is surprisingly tiny for its features. It is straightforward to use and barely needs any external extensions to work. That is why it weighs 1.4 pounds and ships at the same weight. It can be rated somewhere between the slide converters by wolverine as it was released in 2018. Kodak emerged with a product that adopted the best features from its rival. With a customer satisfaction of 4.2 on a scale of 5, its sales are reaching the milestone, which shows it belongs to the best slide scanners list 2022.

As for the variety of formats it can deal with, all 135, 12, and 110 are supported and converted with the help of a Kodak converter. The quality of all these conversions is pushed to 22 MP, which is highly appreciated for the size. It also has some dedicated external ports that support devices to make varied conversions possible. The skin that works on its 2.4 inches screen has an upgraded UI that is as clean as a camera.

It also takes a 32 GB SD card to give you added functionality, which can help in the easy movement of all the media files expected from this converter.

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanners:

KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanners

Probably one of the most potent media converters in the market is the Kodak Scanza which is slightly on the expensive side of slide scanners but is the best device for the job. It can easily convert negatives and reels into JPEG files and is highly optimized for customer usage. All the old negative formats, measured in 35 mm, 126, or 110, can be into JPEG digital files within seconds. It has a bright 3.5 inches screen with adjustable brightness options and excellent viewing for the job assigned. The editing options post-conversion are an added functionality to this scanner. It has an easily removable SD card slot that can expand up to 128 GB of memory.
Most Kodak Scanza users are iOS users who don’t buy apple printers or other expensive hardware. It supports MAC OS comfortably and all the extensions included in this particular OS. The technicalities are flexible in software options. The Scanza is an all-rounder in almost every way. It includes all the latest features and specifications that any user would want in their scanners.


The Kodak Scanza is our clear winner in this category. With a 128 GB memory supporting quick conversion and scanning, it is easily one of the fastest devices for the job. Its impeccable compatibility with MAC OS makes the entire working of Scanza seamless.


The Wolverine Film2Digital has a smaller screen but hardware that works on these conversions. It can convert these reels into digital files in a very quick time. The primary reason why this model is used for professional usage is its build quality. The Fil2Digital has zero heating issues even in heavy-duty working conditions. This is why it wins the best hardware award on our list.


The Scanza wins yet again. With 22 MP digital quality and conversions made consistently at the same level, it is easily the best buy in the market. It is the latest model and has adopted many good features from its market rivals. Meaning that it has the best processing and editing option of all. With a speed that supports these results, Scanza is a win-win option.


After a thorough review and testing of all the features and capabilities of these best slide scanners 2022, we can say that the Kodak Scanza packs it all in one single strong yet portable package. As mentioned earlier, it has adopted the best from its rivals and improvised on the features. With everything on the better side, you can never really go wrong with the Scanza.
I hope, the readers found what they had to and can now choose the product they think suits their requirements. All the mentioned scanners and converters are tested and have fantastic customer reviews to check yourself in the purchasing links.

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