A First-Ever “NFT Gaming Console” Has Been Revealed

    A First-Ever NFT Gaming Console Has Been Revealed

    A new system designed for “Web 3 gaming” has been unveiled, but some players have already voiced opposition.

    According to web 3 firm Polium, their “Polium One” system would be “the world’s first multi-chain gaming console,” able to play games created on several blockchains.

    According to Polium, “the console will be simple to use for a typical player who doesn’t understand Web 3 and will be strong enough to run high-performance games.”

    Players will only be allowed to pre-order the console, which Polium claims will be launched in Q3 2024, if they purchase a “Polium Pass,” an NFT on the Ethereum network of which 10,000 will be produced.

    A fingerprint scanner for security and a “wallet” button for rapid access to the console’s multi-chain wallet, which is intended for “trading, exchanging, staking, and receiving cryptocurrencies,” are also included in the controller, according to Polium.

    Polium says that the console will be capable of 8K HDR at 120fps with ray tracing, despite the company’s admission that just four employees are working on the hardware.

    A handful of players who, at best, are not yet persuaded of the benefits of blockchain gaming and, at worst, think it is a hoax, have responded to the news with significant scepticism and criticism.

    Some people have also noted that the GameCube logo looks to be an upside-down version of the logo for the system.

    The firm responded on Twitter, saying, “It seems familiar but GameCube has a G and the cube indicates their name.” The P in our cube is for polium, and our cube signifies blockchain.

    Even the brand-new Polium Discord server, which initially launched without moderation, has received criticism.

    A handful of users simply responded “this entire project” when asked to report suspected NFT scams in the Discord channel labelled “scam alert.”

    The first comment in the “ideas and feedback” channel is simply “give up.”

    Regarding the first response, Polium has now published a comment on the Discord, calling part of it “FUD,” which stands for “fear, uncertainty, and doubt.”

    According to the statement, “We have been subject to FUD and criticism doubting our capacity to perform.” To be clear, there are four of us creating the console and controller’s working prototype.

    “We have development experience in both hardware and software. The console’s board’s power tree is presently being constructed. By November or before, a working prototype ought to be ready.

    “We’ll either show you all the prototypes live on YouTube or have a dependable influencer do it. The console’s ability to run games created using various blockchains and programming languages will be shown by the prototype.

    “We won’t accept any pre-orders or funding until we show the prototype and gauge the community’s enthusiasm. Once the prototype is complete and functional, we will build the console for production.

    The statement states, “There will be games on the system, and we will make some announcements shortly,” in reference to the lack of any confirmed games. We are now conversing with game creators.

    “We didn’t duplicate Nintendo’s GameCube logo for the logo. However, in response to community feedback, we will work with a new illustrator to create a more creative logo for the company.

    “Some of you are not passionate about Web 3 and are merely here for fun and FUD,” it says in the conclusion. But we’ll begin banning individuals. When you are enthusiastic about a topic, everything is possible. We will satisfy. Pay attention.