A New Pokémon Just Leaked Through Pokémon Go

    A New Pokémon Just Leaked Through Pokémon Go

    Prior to the game’s release on November 18, a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet creature was leaked by a Pokémon Go data miner.

    According to data miner PokeMiners, Pokémon Go received a new update on Friday. They discovered a lovely tiny bug Pokémon inside of those files. If you’ve been following the drip feed of unannounced’mon, you’ll recognise this sweet little guy with antennae and a small coin on its back; it briefly showed in a Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer from October. In the midst of the 14-minute video, the Pokémon appears in one of the trainer’s selfies but is hidden by the camera’s UI.

    It is evident that these Pokémon are the identical ones from the October trailer: Its springy antennae, round (but somehow still flat) purple head, and a fleeting view of the coin on its back are all visible. According to PokeMiners, the irate little guy is listed as Pokémon No. 1,080 in a file called “mystery.” According to PokeMiners, the new Pokémon in Pokémon Go only have 3D assets.

    Data miners also posted image files of the new Pokémon in the traditional T-pose in addition to the cute, little movie of its angry face. The assets also clearly show us the Pokémon’s golden coin, which was really added in an early Pokémon Go update on October 31. It’s unknown whether the coin may be put to any other use besides adorning this Pokémon’s back.

    Eager Scarlet and Violet fans have given this monster the name “Coin Pokémon”; renowned Pokémon leakers Riddler Khu and Centro Leaks originally referenced the Coin Pokémon months ago. This Pokémon will be challenging to capture, just like Spiritomb in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which requires players to acquire more than 100 light wisps at night that are dispersed over the globe.

    It goes without saying that, with only two weeks until its debut on November 18, Pokémon fans are excited to see anything fresh from Scarlet and Violet. The crowd is eager to see something genuine for a change after a spate of bogus Pokémon releases in recent weeks.