According to Ukraine, Russians fired on a Ukrainian flag attached to balloons, disclosing their position for a counterattack.


    According to Kyiv’s military, helium balloons with the Ukrainian flag floated into seized territory.
    An official claimed that although Russian military attempted to shoot it down, they betrayed their firing positions.
    The person continued, “Ukraine was able to launch an attack on the soldiers using this information.”

    A Ukrainian official claimed that while attempting to shoot down a Ukrainian flag flying from balloons above captured area, Russian soldiers unintentionally betrayed their whereabouts.

    The soldiers on Sunday released the huge flag from the Ukrainian-controlled town of Avdiyivka. The flag was linked to a number of helium balloons.

    Vitalii Barabash, the leader of the military administration of the city of Avdiivka, stated that the launch was made to mark the 245th anniversary of the city’s creation.

    According to Barabash, it finally flew over the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which is held by Russia. There, Russian soldiers attempted to shoot it down.

    September 9, 2023 — Euromaidan Press (@EuromaidanPress)

    According to a translation by the Ukrainian NGO Euromaidan Press, “When the Ukrainian flag flew from Avdiyivka to Donetsk, the Russians tried to shoot it down with all the means at their disposal and revealed all their firing positions.”

    Then, according to Barabash, the 110th brigade of Ukraine “worked effectively to attack the Russian soldiers.”

    He made no mention of the attack’s specifics or the degree of its success. A request for response from Insider was not immediately answered by the Ukrainian defense ministry.

    “To be honest, it was probably the most successful flag launch [from Avdiyivka to Donetsk] ever,” Barabash continued. “The Ukrainian flag was flying over occupied Donetsk for a number of hours. I received a lot of comments from people in the occupied territory telling me they are looking forward to Donetsk’s liberation.

    The Telegram channel Typical Donetsk shared footage of the flag flying over numerous locations in the city that is under Russian occupation.

    Since 2014, when conflict broke out in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk City has been under Russian occupation.

    Elections are taking place in other Moscow-occupied territories like Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia at the same time as Barabash’s remarks.

    The elections, which Kyiv and the West have denounced as “fake elections” and a “sham,” are predicted to provide a resounding victory for the Kremlin, according to The Guardian.