Amazon Announces Echo Studio And Echo Dot Speakers With Improved Audio

    Amazon Announces Echo Studio And Echo Dot Speakers With Improved Audio

    Although they don’t appear to be any different from the exterior, Amazon has unveiled new Echo speakers. Amazon did not introduce a new “normal” model in 2017 despite it having formerly served as the company’s Alexa lineup’s focal point. It debuted a newly revamped Echo in 2020 that was built spherically rather than cylindrically. This time around, neither the “normal” Echo nor a tune-up are taking place. Instead, the business claims it has enhanced audio performance while maintaining the same general aesthetic for both the pricey Echo Studio and the little Echo Dot.

    New spatial audio processing is included in the updated Echo Studio, which is an improvement on the company’s prior 3D sound technology. The business promises improved stereo sound with “greater, breadth, clarity and presence” and updates to the frequency spectrum with deeper bass and improved mid-range clarity. The new version of the company’s high-end speaker, which will arrive on October 20 for $200, now has a white colour option.

    The audio has also been upgraded for the Echo Dot, which according to Amazon is the best-selling smart speaker in the world. According to Amazon, the inside was changed to accommodate a bigger speaker while maintaining the same overall size of the product. According to the business, the new Echo Dot driver has twice as much bass and crisper voices as the previous model. The Echo Dot has also been upgraded by Amazon with a clock so that the display may show details like song names, artists, and snooze clocks. On both versions, the addition of new accelerometers and sensors should enhance touch controls. Both the clock and the Echo Dot are available for pre-order today and will arrive on October 20th for $50 and $60, respectively. Additionally, two additional Echo Dot Kids models—a dragon and an owl—will be offered for $60 when they launch on October 20th.

    Today, Amazon also disclosed that their speakers are equipped with Eero mesh WiFi technology. This implies that compatible Echo devices can act as range extenders, boosting each device’s internet coverage by up to 1,000 square feet.