AMD Just Exposed Its Nvidia RTX Voice Competitor In A (Now-Deleted) Video

    AMD Just Exposed Its Nvidia RTX Voice Competitor In A (Now-Deleted) Video

    A rival to RTX Voice, an Nvidia graphics card feature that reduces background noise when you’re on a call or otherwise utilising your microphone, appears to be on the horizon from AMD. That is what a teaser that AMD mistakenly uploaded on its YouTube account claims, according to Tom’s Hardware. Fortunately, Reddit user u/zenobian shared a copy of the clip to the AMD subreddit before it was erased.

    According to the leaked clip, AMD’s Noise Suppression function will operate very similarly to Nvidia’s RTX Voice (which has now been incorporated into Nvidia’s Broadcast app). It appears to be included in AMD’s current Adrenalin software and provides “two-way noise-reduction” that removes background noise from both incoming and outgoing microphone audio using “a real-time deep learning algorithm.”

    How effectively AMD’s noise reduction technology performs in actual use is the big unknown. When I’ve used Nvidia’s RTX Voice in the past, it has successfully muffled the sound of the clackiest mechanical keyboards, which at times feels like magic considering how effectively it works. If AMD wants to overcome its position as the underdog in the GPU market, it may need to match capabilities like these.

    There is no information provided on the feature’s potential formal announcement date or the hardware needed to use it. When Nvidia first made its RTX Voice software available, it appeared that the AI-focused tensor cores present in its more recent graphics cards were essential to its functionality. Nvidia did, however, bring out formal support for the functionality on much older cards that lacked the specialised hardware in subsequent months. Let’s hope AMD’s functionality is compatible with a similar variety of hardware.