American Airlines honors Taylor Swift by naming their aircraft from Kansas City to Las Vegas as “1989” following the Chiefs’ victory.


    Prior to the Super Bowl, American Airlines announced more flights from Kansas City to Las Vegas.

    Fans with keen eyes saw that some American Airlines flight numbers seemed to allude to Taylor Swift.

    The website lists one flight, AA 1989, which is from Kansas City to Las Vegas.

    Following the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in Sunday’s AFC championship, American Airlines made the decision to usher in the Swiftie era by titling a flight from Kansas City to Las Vegas in honor of her “1989” album.

    The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens 17-10 on Sunday to advance to Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 against the victor of Sunday’s NFC championship game. American Airlines announced more flights between Kansas City and Las Vegas between February 8 and 13, in anticipation of the big game in February.

    Online detectives discovered, after the team’s victory, that a flight from Kansas City to Vegas had the number AA1989, which was a reference to Swift’s revolutionary pop single “1989,” which was titled after her birth year. To great critical acclaim, the album was rerecorded and published as “Taylor’s version” in 2023.

    On February 9 and 10, two flights with a Swiftie motif will take off at 12:30 p.m.

    Furthermore, a flight return number is now AA87 in honor of Swift’s boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, who sports the number 87 on his jersey. The jersey of Patrick Mahomes serves as the name of another flight, AA15; Mahomes and Mike Edwards combine to become AA1521.

    The airline sent a statement to Business Insider stating, “There has never been greater excitement surrounding this year’s sporting events.” “After tonight’s games, you might say that we’ve entered the football era, and we’re excited to offer more direct flights from Kansas City to Las Vegas. Look what you got us to do, our ardent sports fans-loving clientele.”