Android 14 Is Hiding An Emoji Wallpaper Maker For The Pixel

    Android 14 Is Hiding An Emoji Wallpaper Maker For The Pixel

    Google’s plan to introduce over 20 AI products this year included a wallpaper maker for Pixel phones. And now, it seems that the app has been discovered in the second Android 14 developer preview (Android 14 DP2).

    As reported by XDA Developers, a new wallpaper feature is hidden in the /product partition of Android 14 DP2. It’s an emoji wallpaper maker that appears to be exclusive to Pixel devices. The package name is “,” and the required feature flag to activate it is “”

    The feature is inactive by default, and users will need to toggle a debug flag to access it. Once activated, it will appear in the Wallpaper & Picker app. Users will then see an “Emoji Lab” option, where they can choose between 14 emojis and various colors and patterns to create a unique wallpaper.

    According to reports, every wallpaper that’s created is saved under Wallpaper & styles>Wallpaper>Emoji Lab. Users have the freedom to switch back and forth between their saved creations by tapping on the one they want to use and hitting “Set Wallpaper.” These wallpapers can also be edited after they’re saved.

    It’s worth noting that features hiding in developer previews are not uncommon, and there’s a chance that these features may not make it to the final stable build of Android 14. In the first developer preview of Android 14, a bloatware removal tool was also found.

    As people get more hands-on time with the latest update, there’s a chance that more secret tools may emerge. However, it’s important to remember that these features are not guaranteed to make it to the final release.

    The release of Android 14 is expected later this year, and Google is likely to introduce more AI-powered products and features as part of the update. The company is expected to reveal more information about the update at its annual Google I/O developer conference, which is scheduled for May 2023.

    Android 14 is expected to bring significant improvements to the operating system, including better performance, enhanced privacy features, and new design elements. With the introduction of AI-powered tools and features, the new update is expected to provide a more personalized experience for users.

    The discovery of the emoji wallpaper maker is just one example of the many features and tools that could be introduced with Android 14. As users continue to explore the latest update, it’s likely that more exciting features will be uncovered.

    For now, Pixel device owners can look forward to creating their own unique wallpapers using the emoji wallpaper maker. And with the final release of Android 14 still a few months away, there’s plenty of time for more surprises to be revealed.