Apple Is Planning Both A Foldable Screen And A Kickstand For The iPad

    Apple Is Planning Both A Foldable Screen And A Kickstand For The iPad

    Normal reputable sources anticipate that the iPad will see few, if any, significant updates in 2023. However, supply-chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo thinks Apple is working on a foldable iPad with a built-in kickstand for release at some time next year, along with a new model of the iPad mini in early 2024, putting the tablet up for a significant update in 2024.

    Anije Technology, described as “a polishing and bonding supplier of the carbon fibre kickstand for the foldable iPad,” is said to be the source of Kuo’s knowledge.

    A hybrid of modern and traditional tablet concepts would be a folding iPad with a kickstand, most likely in the iPad Pro lineup given Apple’s propensity to introduce innovative designs and screen technologies there. Although they are still uncommon and pricey, foldable screens have made an appearance in a few smartphones and tablets, however Apple hasn’t yet employed them in any of its products. Microsoft’s Surface tablets have had a built-in kickstand for over a decade, whereas Apple’s iPad Pro has required a series of progressively more expensive keyboard cases and supports.

    Companies may be able to ship tablets with larger screens that nonetheless fold down to a manageable size for transport and storage. Apple may have previously worked on iPads in the 14- to 16-inch range, according to a number of rumours (gathered here by MacRumors), but as of now, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is still the company’s largest tablet.

    By observing the behaviour of Apple’s international suppliers, Kuo frequently predicts the direction in which the company will take its designs. But given that Apple occasionally changes its mind on new devices due to supply chain or manufacturing issues, his timing forecasts may be off by one or two product generations. Another Apple display technology analyst, Ross Young, claimed to be aware of “several” planned iPads with new OLED panels in 2024 but not a foldable version.