Apple Releases IOS 16.4 Beta 3 With New Features To Public Beta Testers

    Apple Releases IOS 16.4 Beta 3 With New Features To Public Beta Testers

    Apple unveils new features and makes iOS 16.4 beta 3 available to testers

    Public beta testers may now try out iOS 16.4’s new features, which Apple will soon release. It is anticipated that the complete release of the operating system would happen soon after the tech giant releases iOS 16.4 beta 3 to public beta testers.

    Members of the Apple Beta Software Program can currently test out these features even though the general public still cannot access them. To prevent any problems that might occur with the new software, it is suggested to download the beta onto a different device.

    Feedback is a mobile app that beta testers can use to report any problems they experience while utilising the new features. Before the wider release, Apple will use this feedback to fix the problems.

    The new features that beta testers can access include the following:

    Third iOS 16.4 beta: Apple ID and Beta Software Updates – The third beta of iOS 16.4 enables developers and beta testers to check whether their Apple ID is linked to the developer beta, public beta, or both. Also, users can change their Apple ID from their device to another one that has access to beta updates.

    Changes to Apple Books – The page-turn curl animation is back in Apple Books in iOS 16.4 beta 2. And when you launch Apple Books for the first time after installing the update, a new window opens. Users can alter the page-turn animation, theme, and other features.

    31 New Emoji – iOS devices now have access to 31 new emoji thanks to the first beta of iOS 16.4. There’s a new smiley, several new creatures like mooses and geese, and new heart colours including pink and light blue.

    New Episodes on Apple Podcasts Changes to Apple Podcasts’ user interface are included in the first beta. The Library now allows users to access the podcast channels they subscribe to. Users can restart podcast episodes they’ve already started, launch episodes they’ve already saved, and delete episodes they want to skip using the Up Next function.

    Mastodon links can now be richly previewed in messages thanks to the first iOS 16.4 beta. In December, the rate of new accounts on Mastodon increased by 400%, making this important.

    Updates to the Music App: The iOS 16.4 first beta includes a small change to the Music interface. Now, when a user adds a song to their queue, a tiny banner rather than a full-screen pop-up now shows near the bottom of the screen.

    See Who and What is Insured by AppleCare – Users of iOS 16.4 beta 1 can view a list of the people and gadgets that their AppleCare plan covers. For any device that is AppleCare-protected, this menu in iOS 16.4 beta 2 will display a tiny icon.

    By using specific Focus Modes, iOS 16.4 beta 1 enables or disables the always-on display feature for users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. In addition to introducing new Lock Screen and Set VPN actions, the update now introduces a brand-new shortcut option called Set Always on Display.

    New Apple Wallet Widgets: The first beta of iOS 16.4 now allows users to add three new order-tracking widgets for Apple Wallet on their home screens. The size of the widgets ranges from small to huge.

    More Accessibility Options – The initial beta version has incorporated a new accessibility option called Dim Flashing Lights. It automatically reduces the brightness of videos that have often flashing or strobing lights, and it can be found in the Motion option in Settings. Flashing lights will be indicated on video timelines as well.