Apple Rumoured To Be Testing MacOS For M2 iPad Pro

    Apple Rumoured To Be Testing MacOS For M2 IPad Pro

    According to a source, Apple will release a version of macOS specifically for the M2 iPad Pro sometime in 2023.

    The absence of desktop-class software support on the iPad is one of the main criticisms of the device. Apple has been urged repeatedly to transfer a full version of macOS on the iPad in addition to Final Cut Pro.

    According to sources cited by leaker Majin Bu, Apple is developing a “smaller” version of macOS just for the M2 iPad Pro. It is rumoured that macOS 14—also known as Mendocino—will be launched in 2023.

    To make the macOS UI appropriate for touch, testing is being done using a 25% bigger version of it. The products would still run iPad-optimized apps and not macOS versions of the same software.

    Why Apple would make such a half-step transition from the iPad to a macOS UI is unclear. More so than the user interface, those calling for macOS on iPad are interested in the programme.

    Always accept rumours about software testing with a grain of salt. Rarely, if ever, do specifics of Apple’s software plans slip out.

    MacOS on iPad has been the subject of speculation for more than ten years, and before the first iPad was even released, there were reports that macOS may be included. Additionally, Apple probably uses iPads for internal testing and configuration, running macOS versions. Instead of a genuine operating system, the leaker may have seen an iPad in a debug condition.

    Our insider claims that Apple is developing a scaled-down version of macOS just for the upcoming iPad Pro M2!

    The other hypothesis is that this wasn’t caused by macOS at all. By including a Menu Bar and other Mac-like features in iPadOS, Apple could be trying to make it even more similar to macOS. This might be the follow-up to Stage Manager, a Mac windowing functionality that was first introduced in iPadOS 16 and is presently available.

    Majin Bu adds that the M2 iPad Pro’s exclusivity may be a marketing ploy. More people would purchase that iPad if the function was exclusive to it.