Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Headset Will Run On ‘xrOS’ Platform

    Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Headset Will Run On ‘xrOS’ Platform

    As early as the spring, Apple is anticipated to reveal its mixed reality smartphone project. According to Bloomberg, Apple chose the name xrOS for the operating system running the product.

    According to insiders who wished to remain anonymous because the project is still secret, the corporation recently changed the operating system’s name from reality to xrOS, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

    Extended reality is what the XR in xrOS stands for, according to Gurman. That is consistent with Apple’s long-term vision for the platform. Apple is anticipated to introduce an expensive virtual reality headset with high-end hardware. The Meta Quest Pro is the company’s current premium headset.

    When the technology is available, contact lenses and augmented reality glasses are anticipated to be among the next generation of mixed reality goods.

    Gurman continues by saying that the project involves the heads of engineering for Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Notes, and Apple News. This implies that Apple is hiring key software teams to finish the headset experience before it is released.

    According to the research, the operating system moniker xrOS is being trademarked globally by a fictitious business called Deep Dive LLC. Although the shell firm relates to another shell corporation, Apple is probably behind it. Finally, Gurman reminds everyone that although if the term “xrOS” is being used internally, the ultimate platform name may still be realityOS or another moniker.