Clubhouse transforms into an audio messaging service


    Clubhouse has kind of returned. The software that made social audio rooms popular is remaking itself “to be more like a messaging app” with new voice-only group conversations called “chats,” as explained in a blog post from the firm.

    Consider a conversation as a collective Instagram story that you may participate in using your voice. By leaving a voicemail, you can start a dialogue that you can subsequently share with your friends. Then they can join in and upload their own voice recordings to make a voice chat or collage.

    These new chats have completely changed how the software is laid out. The freshly updated app invited me to start a new chat and share it when I opened it. In the new home tab of the app, chats are likewise what I see first. If I had friends who utilized Clubhouse, it appears that their chats would also be in the home screen.

    as the beginning of the covid pandemic, Clubhouse has had a significant decline in popularity, particularly as the social network formerly known as Twitter established its own Spaces social audio rooms. Elon Musk’s X still emphasizes spaces, but Clubhouse currently seems to see more potential in enticing users to conduct phone chats with their friends as opposed to broadcasting live to huge audiences.

    The kind of live social audio rooms that made Clubhouse popular are still possible, but I found the capability to be a little hidden. I had to press the microphone icon on the home screen, then glide it over to the “tap to go live” option to launch a room. Live rooms, according to Clubhouse, “will continue to be a central part of Clubhouse.”

    On both iOS and Android, the updated app is now accessible. On the Clubhouse website, there is an article with further information about all of the app’s modifications, including certain functionality that were removed.