Epic Games Revolutionizes Fortnite Sharing with the Launch of Postparty App!

    Epic Games Revolutionizes Fortnite Sharing with the Launch of Postparty App!

    Epic Games, the creator of popular video game “Fortnite,” has just made it easier for players to share their gameplay highlights with the world. The launch of “Postparty,” a clip-sharing app available for iOS and Android, allows “Fortnite” and “Rocket League” players to share their gameplay clips to social media with ease.

    Gone are the days of awkward, platform-dependent sharing methods. “Postparty” unifies the process for “Fortnite” players on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC, and for “Rocket League” players on Xbox and PlayStation, with PC and Switch support coming soon.

    With the new app, capturing gameplay on a console or PC sends it to a clip library where it can be trimmed, edited, and blasted out to social channels. “Fortnite” players will also be prompted after each in-game kill to share their key moments with “Postparty.” And as a bonus, players who download the app and link their account will receive a special in-game “Fortnite” spray and wrap.

    “Postparty” was built by Houseparty developer Life on Air, which was bought by Epic Games in 2019. While Houseparty was shut down in late 2021, its team and technology have now reappeared in Epic’s gaming universe.

    While many companies are focusing on virtual reality, Epic Games has been building out the tools and services that multiplayer game players want and need. The company recognizes that a seamless social world is crucial to the success of a multiplayer game and that this world can extend beyond the game itself, bringing in other players in the process.

    “Fortnite” players, gear up and get ready to share your epic gameplay moments with the world through “Postparty.”