Google and Samsung Collaborate to Simplify File Sharing on Android


    Google and Samsung unveiled Quick Share at CES 2024, a joint effort to provide a uniform sharing solution for Chromebooks and Android smartphones. Samsung and Android have been using their own sharing tools for a while now, but they don’t always function across devices.

    With the release of Quick Share, more Android users will have access to the greatest sharing options available from Google and Samsung services, bridging the gap in the market.

    Held annually in Las Vegas, CES is one of the biggest and most significant technology trade exhibitions globally. The newest models of phones, TVs, cars, computers, wearables, smart home devices, and more were on display at this year’s event. For a more in-depth look at CES 2024, see our selection of 26 innovative goods that are available for purchase immediately, as well as the cover that adds actual keyboard buttons to your iPhone.

    A new file sharing method is announced by Google and Samsung

    In other words, Quick Share is not brand-new. While Android has had its own sharing feature, Nearby Share, since 2020, and Samsung has had Quick Share since then as well, the two firms are now working together to create a single cross-Android sharing solution that will be marketed as Quick Share.

    While there are some similarities between the two current file transfer protocols, Quick Share and Nearby Share differ significantly in a number of important ways. Samsung designed Quick Share specifically for Samsung smartphones; other non-Samsung Android devices cannot use the sharing feature (without some workarounds). Conversely, Google’s Nearby Share is compatible with all Android smartphones, including Samsung models. However, it lacks several functionality found in Quick Share, such as the ability to transmit files to multiple devices simultaneously.

    Fortunately, since the two will soon be merged, Android users don’t need to worry about having to choose between them.
    You may share files, videos, and photographs with any nearby device by using the new Quick Share icon on your device to get a list of all the devices that are available. You can select who can find your device and send you files, if privacy is a concern. You can select all of your contacts, only your own devices, or everyone.

    All devices with Nearby Share are going to get Quick Share in February. Google also revealed that it’s working with LG to bring Quick Share to Windows as a preloaded program.

    At CES, Google also revealed upgrades for Chromecast.

    Google revealed at CES 2024 that Google Chromecast, which enables you to stream audio and video from all of your Android, Google, and Apple devices, will be receiving some changes. First off, shortly you’ll be able to pair Bluetooth devices with Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongles and Google smart TVs that are compatible with them rapidly using Fast Pair.

    You can now browse through your feed or view TikTok Live videos on your compatible smart TV by casting content from your phone to any Chromecast-enabled device.

    In addition, Chromecast will be integrated into more devices—such as the LG TV series from 2024 and LG Hospitality and Healthcare—so that you can effortlessly stream movies and TV shows to compatible LG TVs in your hotel room without logging in and out of any third-party streaming apps.

    You’ll soon be able to transmit whatever you’re listening to on Spotify or YouTube Music from your compatible Pixel phone to your docked Pixel tablet, which is great news if you love podcasts and music.