Halo VR Multiplayer Unofficially Comes To The Oculus Quest 2

    Halo VR Multiplayer Unofficially Comes To The Oculus Quest 2

    In the video game Contractors, the Meta Quest 2 offers virtual reality (VR) access to Halo maps and weaponry.
    These “mods” are actual in-game modes that may be played without third-party downloads or headset modifications.
    Contractors is a $19.99 multiplayer shooting game for the Meta Quest 2 that offers access to countless game styles and hundreds of levels.

    Ever longed to play Halo in virtual reality? Many fans have been yearning for it, but it seemed impossible given Microsoft’s typical lack of interest in virtual reality. While some VR modifications allow players to play through the official Halo games, this most recent attempt at VR for Halo does not require any PC or third-party modding.

    This is due to the fact that this “mod” for Halo VR on the Oculus Quest 2 is really a new mode for the well-known military shooter Contractors. Contractors is a Quest 2 game that can be played with just a headset. Go online, look for a game that uses the Halo mode, then sign up as a Spartan and play. When you join one of these servers, everything is downloaded and implemented instantly.

    Jumping onto a Halo server on Contractors will replace your familiar Contractors weapons and sounds as well as position you in a well-known Halo map or setting. You can choose between Covenant and UNSC loadouts before to the start of a match because Contractors is often a one-side-versus-the-other-side sort of shooter. All of the traditional weapons are available, from Assault Rifles to the Needler and even the Covenant Energy Sword. Even the mechanism for the shield sounds and feels real.

    One of the greatest Quest 2 games you can get is Contractors, which retails for just $20. For just this reason, it was even our first Quest 2 game of the week (opens in new tab) when we originally introduced the weekly feature in the Spring. Contractors not only has fantastic gameplay and graphic design, but it also makes it simple to play on more than 200 maps and in dozens of modes without having to connect your headset to a PC or download any components.