How To Become A PS5 Beta Tester

    How To Become A PS5 Beta Tester

    Being a PS5 beta tester gives you access to all system software upgrades before they are made available to all players, allowing you to be the first to test out new features like the most recent PS5 Discord beta. Furthermore, there are no prerequisites for participating in this process because Sony wants to hear from a variety of gamers to make sure that any modifications they make are functioning as intended. Here’s how to sign up for the PS5 beta tester programme if this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in.

    How to sign up to test the PS5 beta version

    You must sign up through PlayStation’s official beta programme sign-up page (opens in new tab) in order to be eligible to test the PS5 beta version. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of one of the following countries in order to participate: the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France, or Germany. You must also agree to give Sony truthful feedback regarding your experiences using any beta software, and your PSN account must be in good standing with a working email address attached.

    If you satisfy all of these requirements, sign up to be a PS5 beta tester. However, keep in mind that submitting the application does not ensure that Sony will choose you for any beta programmes. Sony reserves the right to send out invites at its own discretion. Keep an eye on your email because you’ll receive any official invitations with more information there.

    You should instantly have access to the PS5 Discord beta if you’ve already successfully signed up to be a PS5 beta tester and installed the most recent PS5 System Software Beta. Go to the Settings menu, select Users and Accounts, then click Linked Services to get started. Hit the newly added Discord option, and then follow the on-screen directions to connect your PS5 to Discord using your phone, PC, or even the PS5’s web browser, though your mobile device is probably the fastest for this.

    You can utilise Discord Voice on the PlayStation 5 if you’ve granted permission for chat through one of those channels. On Discord mobile, you may choose to “Join on PlayStation” under Voice Controls, whereas on desktop, you can “Transfer to PlayStation” with your chat. After that, you can use Discord Voice on your PS5 with all the standard controls. Consult the official Discord blog (opens in new tab) for further information if you have any trouble setting things up.