How To Create A Quick Note On Your iPhone

    How To Create A Quick Note On Your iPhone

    In iOS 16, the dictation function has been improved. Here’s how to use it on your iPhone to narrate text.

    Creating notes with text, photographs, links, and other stuff has always been simple and practical with the iOS Notes app. You may now start a fast note on your iPhone in addition to starting a conventional note using the Notes app.

    With iOS 16, the Quick Note option is now accessible from Control Center, making it simple to start one simply choosing the appropriate control. You can access the option from the iOS Share screen as well, so you can quickly write a note using pre-existing text, a picture, or a webpage. Here is how it goes.

    On iOS 16, how to make a Quick Note

    If you haven’t already, upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16 or above to begin going. Go to Settings, choose General, and then choose Software Update from the menu. You’ll either be informed that iOS has the most recent update or encouraged to do so.

    From Control Center, how can I make a Quick Note?

    Go to Settings and choose Control Center to be able to create a Quick Note from Control Center. Tap the + sign for Quick Note in the More Controls area by swiping down the screen. By doing this, it will be included in the list of controls.

    Swipe up or down to reveal Control Center and press the Quick Note control to make a Quick Note from any screen. After writing your letter, save it.

    How to make a Quick Note using the Share menu on iOS

    A Quick Note can also be started via the Share menu. If you’re already working with a particular piece of material, such as a picture, a website, or another object, this is a useful alternative.

    Here are a few illustrations: Open a picture or photo in your iPhone’s gallery. To add to a new quick note, tap the Share symbol and choose that choice. After writing the letter, save it.

    Open the website you wish to include in a Quick Note. Add to New Quick Note can be chosen by tapping the Share symbol. After writing the letter, save it.

    A Quick Note is finally stored just like an ordinary note. Open the Notes app to see your Quick Notes and other notes. To view a Quick Note, tap it.