How To Pin Word, Excel, And PowerPoint Files To Their App Icons On The Windows 11 Taskbar

    How To Pin Word, Excel, And PowerPoint Files To Their App Icons On The Windows 11 Taskbar

    Drag and drop functionality in Windows 10 allows you to pin Office files to the appropriate programmes, however, it is inoperable in Windows 11. This is how you pin them.

    Why not improve your Windows computer’s efficiency as you undoubtedly use it daily? Keeping programmes and files pinned to the taskbar is one approach to simplify and speed up ordinary computing, which you may already be utilising.

    But unlike Windows 10, Windows 11, pinning Office files is no longer as simple as a drag-and-drop repair. But it’s still simple to accomplish. See how it works.

    Why Pinning Office Files to Office Apps in Windows 11 Is Giving You Problems

    On Windows 10, you drag and drop files to the corresponding taskbar icons for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to keep them accessible with a single click. The drag-and-drop technique does not, however, function in Windows 11 if you have updated to it or if you purchased a new PC with it already installed.

    So, how can you do that on Windows 11? Pinning Office files to their taskbar icons. Fortunately, there is a solution to this, and it is also simple to implement.

    The Word, Excel, or PowerPoint App should be pinned to the taskbar.

    The Office software, whether it’s Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, must first be pinned to the Windows 11 taskbar. As follows:

    The Start Menu may be accessed by clicking the Windows symbol in the taskbar. The Office app icons could be present there. Otherwise, access the list of all your programmes by clicking All Apps in the upper right corner of the start menu.

    Open the context menu by performing a right-click on the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint icon. Select Pin to taskbar next.

    It will pin the Word, Excel, or PowerPoint application to the taskbar. Excel and Word have been pinned, as shown in the screenshot below. The PowerPoint app also allows for pinning.

    How to Pin a Word Document to the Taskbar’s Pinned Word App in Windows 11

    Let’s now attach a Word document to the Word icon on the taskbar.

    The Word document you wish to pin to the Word icon must first be opened. I’ve opened the file titled The 2022 LA Project, as you can see in the screenshot below.

    All that is left to do is to shut the Word document. As the most recent Word file opened, this one would appear in the Recent list of Word, which is what you desire.

    Click and hold the Word icon in the taskbar. The menu will open, and the Word document will be shown under Recent. The file for the LA 2022 Project is listed under Recent, as may be seen in the image below.

    The Context Menu will now be displayed when you right-click the file. Select Pin to this list just once.

    Alternately, the Pin symbol will appear on the right when you move your mouse cursor over the file. Just select the Pin button.

    The Word document is now permanently attached to the Word taskbar icon.

    Instructions for Pinning Excel and PowerPoint Files to the Appropriate Pinned Apps

    The process for pinning Excel and Word files to their respective taskbar programme icons is the same as that described above for pinning the Word file.

    To pin an Excel or PowerPoint document, open it. and then save the file.

    Open the menu by performing a right-click on the PowerPoint or Excel icon in the taskbar, then look under Recent for the desired file.

    Next, pick Pin to this list from the context menu by right-clicking the file. the Pin symbol, or bookmark it.