How To Turn On Night Mode On Your Google Home Devices

    How To Turn On Night Mode On Your Google Home Devices

    Have you ever asked your Google Home or Nest device to set an alarm for the next morning at night, and the response came out in the loudest voice possible? You may put the problem to rest once and for all using Night Mode.

    We’ll explain what this practical function is and how to activate it.

    Night Mode : What Is It?

    The handy Night Mode function effectively turns off your Google Home gadget at night. If you dislike how loud and bright your gadget is right before you want to go to bed, it is one of the Google Home settings you should think about modifying. Once activated, Night Mode enables you to adjust the brightness and level of your speaker or display to stop yourself or anybody else in the room from being bothered.

    Any Google Home device you own may easily be configured to use Night Mode. An internet connection and your phone with the Google Home app are all you need. To activate Night Mode, simply adhere to the following instructions:

    • On your iOS or Android smartphone, open the Google Home app.
    • Verify that you are currently signed into an account that is connected to your Google Home gadget. Change accounts if necessary.
    • On the home screen, click and hold the device tile.
    • The top-right corner of the screen’s Settings gear icon should be selected.
    • Then choose Night mode under Notifications & digital wellbeing under General.
    • Enable night mode by turning on the toggle switch next to it.
    • When and on what days do you want Night Mode to be active?

    You may choose to turn off notification noises anytime Night Mode is activated by turning on Do not disturb. With this option enabled, you can still use Google Home to make reminders, but you won’t be able to hear the noises. The exceptions to this rule are timers and alarm clocks.

    Depending on your preferences, adjust the sliders for LED brightness at night and Maximum loudness at night.

    Use Google at night for a quieter experience

    Your evenings won’t be the same after using Night Mode. Now that your Google Home or Netst gadget won’t blare at you every time you ask it to do something, you can finally unwind and unwind.