Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs Are Designed For All But Cryptocurrency Mining

    Intel's Arc Alchemist GPUs Are Designed For All But Cryptocurrency Mining

    The Arc A380 doesn’t appear to be designed for mining Ethereum.

    Everyone, with the exception of one group, will be happy to hear that Intel’s Arc A380 discrete graphics card is optimised for the newest and most popular games.

    According to YouTuber DJ Mines, none of the prominent Ethereum mining programmes such as NiceHashMining, trex miner, lolminer, and teamreeminer functioned when they ran them, as reported by Tom’s Hardware (opens in new tab). The Arc A380 appears to offer zero support for cryptocurrency mining.

    And this is a further blow to the cryptocurrency mining sector, given that Ethereum lost roughly 70% of its value in 2022. Not all graphics cards attempt to resist cryptomining, though. In order to deter mining, Nvidia included its Lite Hash Rate changes to its top graphics cards. However, most of this effort has been effectively defeated by miners in the months since it was released.

    Analysis: It’s too soon to draw conclusions.

    Concerns about the return of crypto mining and the subsequent increase in graphics card prices have recently arisen as the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have somewhat climbed, though still far below their all-time highs.

    But even that is not a guarantee. Although Bitcoin recovered a more modest 5 percent and Ethereum earned a stunning 20 percent rise yesterday, it is still unclear if this upsurge will hold or if their values will keep falling.

    Additionally, given that the currency has been getting slower and more costly for some time, the writing has been on the wall. And perhaps it’s better if cryptocurrency’s collapse not only persists but quickens, for the sake of the GPU market as well as the environment itself.