Meta Makes It Easier To Switch Between Facebook And Instagram Accounts

    Meta Makes It Easier To Switch Between Facebook And Instagram Accounts

    On Monday, Meta said that it is testing new functionality that would allow users to effortlessly manage both their Facebook and Instagram accounts from a single interface.

    The action highlights Meta’s efforts to group its family of applications together so they aren’t so dissimilar from one another.

    As long as they have both been added to the accounts manager, one of the features allows users to swap between their Facebook and Instagram accounts. People may switch between the two applications and view alerts for both after the accounts have been connected. Additionally, it functions for users with numerous accounts.

    In order to make it simpler to sign in and create new Facebook and Instagram accounts, Meta has changed its user registration procedure. This may make it easier for new users to sign up for both services rather than just one of the applications, which is thought to attract more people.

    Currently only available on Facebook and Instagram, according to Meta, the new account management tools, but the firm will “continue to investigate ways to improve linked experiences across all of our services.”

    In July, the business unveiled Meta accounts, which give users access to its virtual reality headsets without requiring them to log into Facebook. In response to user complaints, the modification was made.

    The once-ubiquitous Facebook social login button is being removed from many companies’ websites, according to a CNBC story from earlier this month, since users aren’t using it and there are privacy concerns.