Meta Quest Pro Is Now Available

    Meta Quest Pro Is Now Available

    We introduced Meta Quest Pro, the first of our new premium class of VR headsets, at Meta Connect 2022. It has a tonne of cutting-edge features, including high-resolution sensors that enable full-color mixed reality experiences, advanced LCD displays that deliver sharp visuals, next-generation pancake optics, an all-new, sleek, and comfortable design with guided Fit Adjustment, as well as eye tracking and Natural Facial Expressions for improved social presence.

    All of this makes Meta Quest Pro the ideal tool for naturally communicating and working in VR. Additionally, we intend to work closely with developers over time to create a diverse ecosystem of experiences that make use of the cutting-edge mixed reality and social presence features of Meta Quest Pro.

    Currently, Meta Quest Pro costs US$1,499.99. The headset, two self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, stylus tips, partially opaque light blockers, and a charging port are all included in that price. Wherever Meta Quest products are sold, including Best Buy in the US and Canada, Argos and Currys in the UK, FNAC and Boulanger in France, and, you can purchase it. Additionally, Amazon is available in the US, UK, Canada, and France for purchases.

    New and Innovative Experiences

    Meta Quest Pro can offer a wide variety of new VR and mixed reality experiences due to its cutting-edge hardware features.

    Imagine, for instance, that you are in your home office, presiding over a meeting with your complete team, all of whom are also working from home, around a big virtual table. You can use your actual keyboard and mouse and see your actual desk. You get up and draw your team’s attention to it on a large virtual whiteboard when you need to convey something to them. Your teammates’ avatars’ facial expressions of comprehension can be seen while you draw. With the use of the headset’s full-color Passthrough, eye tracking, and Natural Facial Expressions, that is made possible on Meta Quest Pro in Horizon Workrooms.

    Or visualise expressing your inner Pablo Picasso. When you finish a piece of virtual art while using different painting techniques, colours, and brushes in virtual reality, you put it on the wall of your living room. And it remains there, waiting for you to enjoy it as soon as you put on your headset. Even pals from other countries might be invited to attend your online painting studio. This is made feasible by the Meta Quest Pro features of colour Passthrough and shared spatial anchors when used with the Painting VR app.

    You can find these games on the Meta Quest Store when you connect into your new headset or open the Meta Quest mobile app. Additionally, you may find curated collections of mixed reality material, productivity tools that liven up your workspace, hand tracking apps and games that make use of social presence, and much more. Click here to view the launch lineup. Try tapping the Meta Button to access one of our newest Meta Quest Pro features as you explore these immersive apps; this will allow you to open a browser, send a message, or engage with other 2D apps without leaving your immersive experience.

    We also keep enhancing the VR software experience with Meta Quest Pro. We’re going to add recording and casting for MR in a future software update because we know the Meta Quest community has asked for new ways to record and share their amazing mixed reality experiences with this new device.

    Ideal For The Work Of The Future

    Meta Quest Pro was created to enable a variety of productivity and collaboration applications that provide you a sizable virtual workspace for multitasking and the ability to overlay your work on top of the real environment.

    Builders, architects, engineers, designers, and anyone else who wants to improve their workflow and boost their creativity should use it. And it’s assisting us in advancing the future of work with a variety of fresh partnerships and experiences that will improve Quest Pro for both individuals and companies. To find out more, click here.

    Advancing The Meta Quest

    Since Meta Quest Pro has been released, programmers may begin creating immersive experiences for it. With the newly released tools for Presence Platform, our collection of machine perception and AI capabilities that includes Movement SDK, full-color Passthrough, shared spatial anchors, and more, we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with.