Microsoft’s AI-Boosted Bing Can Run Rings Around Google Search

    Microsoft's AI-Boosted Bing Can Run Rings Around Google Search

    Google and Microsoft’s Bing Compete Against Each Other in an AI Search Engine Battle

    As both businesses have incorporated AI technology to improve their search results, the competition between the search engines Bing and Google has taken an interesting turn. A series of queries were sent to both search engines to test the technique, and the answers were unexpected.

    The first task required the two search engines to assess the IQs of historical personalities Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla. After summarising each person’s accomplishments, Bing replied, “It is difficult to judge their IQ or compare their accomplishments fairly.” Google, meanwhile, provided a link to a Quora website with a range of viewpoints on the matter.

    Bing took the initiative and used OpenAI’s technology to produce a stuffy and formal message when requested to write an apologetic email for being late to a meeting. Google did not write the apology letter; instead, it linked the user to a website with tips on how to apologise.

    When asked where to view “Avatar: The Way of Water,” Bing went one step further and said that, as of right now, there is no date set for a streaming release and that cinemas are the only place to watch the film. A matrix of theatres and showtimes was provided by Google.

    The user inquired what a laser nebula astronaut toy’s remote control buttons did in a trickier inquiry. Bing linked the visitor to the product’s page on Amazon, however the AI section did not provide any specific advice. Google provided a handy YouTube video showcasing the toy in the meanwhile.

    Finally, it was questioned of both search engines if using an electric toothbrush for two minutes was preferable to using a manual one. Five links to sites on the topic were also included in Bing’s AI section along with a direct set of answers that included three benefits and three drawbacks of electric toothbrushes.

    In conclusion, Bing and Google each have advantages and disadvantages in the competition between AI search engines. Whether you favour Google’s more conventional search results or Bing’s direct and synthesised information, the incorporation of AI technology is certain to improve your search experience.