Multiple Nvidia GPUs Have Been Delayed From One Month To Indefinitely

    Nvidia GPUs Have Been Delayed From One Month To Indefinitely

    Nvidia’s RTX 40-series graphics cards, as well as the entry-level GTX 1630 GPU, are expected to be delayed. So far, this is all we know.

    Nvidia’s RTX 40-series graphics cards, as well as the entry-level GTX 1630 GPU, are expected to be delayed for unexplained reasons. If the source is correct, the GTX 1630 will be delayed for the second time in less than a month, after its introduction was put back from May 31 to June 15. The GTX 1630 is Nvidia’s newest entry-level card, and one that the company hopes will help it better compete with AMD at the lower end of the market, where AMD not only offers affordable value-for-money cards like the Radeon RX 6400 and RX 6500 XT, but also a slew of APUs with decent integrated graphics for casual gaming.

    The RTX 40-series cards were previously expected to be released in July of this year. According to more realistic estimates, the top-of-the-line RTX 4090 might be released in August, followed by the RTX 4080 and 4070 in the following two months. The RTX 40-series cards, which are based on Nvidia’s ‘Ada Lovelace’ architecture, will be enhancements over the RTX 30-series GPUs that make up Nvidia’s current graphics card portfolio. The new GPUs will compete not just with AMD’s impending RX 7000-series cards, but also with Intel’s Arc Alchemist GPUs, which are due out later this summer.

    Nvidia’s forthcoming entry-level GTX 1630 has been delayed indefinitely, according to VideoCardz. According to the source, Nvidia has revised the embargo date for the GTX 1630 cards from June 15 to ‘TBD’ (To Be Determined), implying that the card will not be released this week. While no official reason for the delay has been given, the article alleges that the corporation has had trouble “securing the essential components” to produce and promote the cards. It’s unclear what these rare components are, but the study asserts unequivocally that they are not GPUs.

    Gamers and enthusiasts have been dealt a blow.

    According to the source, Nvidia’s board partners have already begun manufacturing the GTX 1630 cards, and the package design approval procedure has already been finished. Despite this, Nvidia has yet to announce an official release date. The GTX 1630 is rumored to have 512 CUDA cores, which is down from the GTX 1650’s 896. It’s also believed to be up to 72 percent slower in benchmarks than the 1650, implying that it’ll need to be priced much cheaper to succeed.

    The launch dates for all of the RTX 40-series cards have been pushed back by at least a month, according to VideoCardz. The top-of-the-line RTX 4090 was supposed to hit the market in August, but it will instead arrive in September 2022. The RTX 4080 will now be available for purchase in October, rather than September, and the RTX 4070 will be available in November, rather than October. There is no official explanation for the delay, but according to the source, Nvidia is attempting to sell as many 30-series cards as possible before the next generation launches. In any case, with the 40-series cards about to be released, it’ll be interesting to see whether Nvidia announces a price decrease on the 30-series cards anytime soon.