Nine of Steve Ballmer’s most bizarre acts, including dancing to Fergie and chanting on stage


    Microsoft’s former CEO is Steve Ballmer.

    Multibillionaire Steve Ballmer gained notoriety in the 2000s for his antics at Microsoft events.

    At events, the former CEO of Microsoft would frequently yell, sprint, and dance on stage.

    These are nine of his most outrageous moments, which include some dubious dance steps from a Fergie performance.

    The former CEO of Microsoft and owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise, Steve Ballmer, is well-known for his eccentric management style and outrageous pranks.
    Ballmer, who has been close to Bill Gates for a long time, is only two positions behind the Microsoft cofounder as the sixth richest person on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, with an estimated net worth of $130 billion.

    In 1980, Ballmer began working for Microsoft as the president’s assistant, and after 20 years, he rose to the position of CEO. 2014 saw him step down.

    The entrepreneur was well-known for having a lively and entertaining demeanor. At Microsoft events, he would frequently yell, scream, and jump around, to the enthusiastic applause of the audience. His raw public presence contrasts with more traditional and restrained corporate executives.

    These are nine of Ballmer’s most bizarre incidents.

    1. Before a presentation at a Microsoft event in the early 2000s, Steve Ballmer is seen pacing the stage and yelling.
    2. At the Windows 95 launch party, the CEO is shown in another film uncomfortably dancing with Bill Gates, Microsoft’s cofounder.
    3. Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates in 1998. Staff at Getty Images
    4. At the Windows 95 launch party, Steve Ballmer was seen dancing.
    5. He once broke out into a sweat while chanting “developers” on stage.
    6. Ballmer went one step farther, at another Microsoft conference, at the request of an audience member, by yelling “web developers” repeatedly.
    7. To play at Microsoft events, Ballmer and Gates collaborated to make a number of absurd movies, one of which was a parody of the 1999 movie “A Night at the Roxbury.”
    8. In a further parody, Ballmer even pulls off a fantastic impression of Dr Evil from the “Austin Powers” movies.
    9. In yet another of Ballmer and Gates’ pranks, they are shown having a “play date” at a park where they ride bikes, go on swings, and slide.
    10. During his final speech as CEO, Ballmer wept, gave staff members high fives and fist bumps, and lip-synced to “The Time of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing.”

    As he gave his final speech as CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer started crying.
    Being the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, Ballmer has continued his shenanigans. He once performed some outrageous dance routines to a Fergie concert.