Nothing’s Ear (stick) Wireless Earbuds Have Come for the AirPods’ Throne

    Nothing's Ear (stick) Wireless Earbuds Have Come for the AirPods' Throne

    Nothing’s debut item was a set of wireless earphones dubbed the Ear, which for $99 managed to live up to an impossibly high degree of anticipation. Nothing is returning to earbuds with a follow-up dubbed the Ear (stick), which, like Apple’s AirPods, is made for people who favour comfort above cancelling out ambient noise. The company’s similarly touted smartphone is now available in the public.

    The original Ear earphones used swappable silicone tips that were designed to fit securely in the ear canal to provide a tight and soundproof seal, just like any wireless earbud that has active noise cancellation. It’s a good strategy for those who wish to remain silent, but it’s frequently unpleasant, especially if the earbuds are used for a long period. As a result, the new Ear (stick) uses an AirPod-like half-in-ear design that sits in the ear folds while channelling sound toward the ear canal. The new earphones don’t feature active noise cancelling as a result.