Oculus Founder Is “Blown Away” By Playstation VR 2

    Oculus Founder Is “Blown Away” By Playstation VR 2

    Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, experienced the Playstation VR 2 at CES and was “blown away” by it.

    At the biggest electronics trade fair in the world, Sony displayed the VR system. At a specially set-up stand, press and trade fair attendees could test out the Playstation VR 2 and play the franchise’s flagship game, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

    Palmer Luckey tested it as one of the participants. The California native experimented with VR headsets as a youngster in a trailer, and in 2012, with the aid of John Carmack and the Oculus Rift prototype, he launched the most recent VR frenzy. He became a multi-millionaire when Facebook bought his start-up Oculus in 2014 for three billion US dollars.

    The entrepreneur has successfully dabbled in military technologies since being ousted. His new business, Anduril, is worth an estimated 8.5 billion US dollars.

    Positive CES feedback

    Luckey describes his experience with Playstation VR 2 in a tweet. “The last time I used PSVR 2, I was really floored! This PSVR version will perform even better than the original, which was perhaps the biggest success of the generation, predicts Luckey.

    In addition, CES testers gave Playstation VR 2 positive reviews overall. Tom’s Guide and Android Authority both laud Playstation VR 2 as a fantastic VR headset that represents a significant improvement over the first model.

    OLED displays, eye-tracking, forehead haptics, and new Sense controllers—all technology and features exclusive to Sony’s VR system—are highlighted as strengths.

    Software for PSVR-2 is partially criticised

    The tracking of the input devices, according to reports, has occasionally been problematic, which Sony’s personnel attributes to radio interference from trade shows.

    The visual interpolation also disturbed VR testers like Bradley Lynch. The software created fake frames in between because the demo didn’t run at full frame rate, which was especially obvious in quick movements. VR experts had already expressed concern about the rendering technology in the initial PSVR2 previews from last fall. Hopefully, Sony will find a solution to these issues prior to the launch.

    The emotions of Lynch and Wes Dillon from the YouTube channel PSVR2 without Parole are captured in the videos below. Dillon spends slightly under an hour discussing the technology and gives very thorough impressions. Release day for Playstation VR 2 is set for February 22, 2023.