Overwatch 2 Launch Marred By Multiple DDoS Attacks

    Overwatch 2 Launch Marred By Multiple DDoS Attacks

    Unexpected server capacity concerns and lengthy entrance waits are common when a highly anticipated online game starts. However, in the instance of this week’s Overwatch 2 early access launch, concerted distributed denial of service assaults appear to be aggravating the normal crowding issues.

    Mike Ybarra, the president of Blizzard, tweeted on Tuesday night that “Teams are working hard on server difficulties with Overwatch 2.” But less than an hour later, he returned with some further troubling facts. He replied, “Unfortunately, we are now dealing with a massive DDoS attack on our systems. “Teams are working assiduously to manage or minimise. There are several drop/connection difficulties as a result of this.”

    Aaron Keller, the Overwatch 2 game director, provided an update overnight stating that “As we work through a second DDoS assault and server stability difficulties, we are making steady progress. All hands are on deck, and the job will go on all night. We appreciate your patience and will provide additional information as it becomes available.”

    Blizzard is also confirming that “some players are experiencing server disconnects” and “some players who combined their PC and console accounts are getting a ‘Unexpected Server Error'” in the game’s early hours. These issues are in addition to any DDoS-related issues.

    Tens of thousands of individuals are waiting in server lineups and hours to join a game, according to accounts posted online by prospective gamers. Unsurprisingly, the scenario has also inspired a lot of jokes and memes. Cliff Bleszinski, a former Gears of War and Jazz Jackrabbit creator, joined in on the fun by tweeting that the game’s subtitle may reportedly be “Unexpected Server Error Occurred.”

    Adding that the failure of 2017’s Lawbreakers was “petty,” Bleszinski said, “as that game steamrolled over mine.” And even though I am aware of how hard it is to introduce an internet game, I still laughed.

    The first Blizzcon announcement for Overwatch 2 was made in 2019. The game won’t be released in 2022, according to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, because of “more competition… and increasing voluntary attrition” among staff. Blizzard did said at the time that it “still plans to provide a large amount of content… next year.”

    The esports Overwatch League adopted Overwatch 2 for high-level competitive play after two successful beta testing earlier this year. The game’s early access debut on October 4 was confirmed by Blizzard in June.