Rally, Shield, and Iron Banners are dethroned by the Banner of War in Destiny 2.


    The new Strand features that were added to Destiny 2 this season have, to put it mildly, been interesting. Due to its excessive chaos-causing abilities, such as glaive stabbing and arc buddy assassination, Warlock’s Weavewalker is already disabled. Despite not yet winning the game, Hunter’s Whirling Maelstrom is amusing to see in action.

    How about Titan? Banner of War, a brand-new melee/sword/glaive-based build from Bungie, has supplanted Rally Banners, Banner Shield, and even Iron Banner as the finest banner-related item in the game. Top Banner.

    Before trying this build, I was waiting for loadouts to return, but my curiosity won out, and it is fantastic. I’ve always like glaive stabbing, and I love seeing swords get even more attention now that they’ve received extra upgrades this season.

    What Banner of War performs is as follows:

    To raise a Banner of War, which periodically heals teammates and raises melee and sword damage, defeat a target with a finisher, melee attack, or sword. When you and your allies defeat targets, the banner charges up and pulses more frequently.

    Glaive stabs with infinite ammo are excellent for this because they count as melee attacks. With recent modifications to how frequently you can heavy attack, swords have evolved into monsters in terms of damage output while dealing defense and attack. For typical large melee damage, this also works with weapons like One-Two Punch Shotguns. Of course, the native Frenzied Blade of Strands cuts. And the new catalyst from Monte Carlo!

    All three of the main exotic pieces of armor that the majority of people use with this are arms:

    Stronghold, the damage-reduction and life-restoration abilities of the sword’s buffing arms.
    Synthoceps, where this melee buffs restores you to the insane glaive damage we used to see from them before the nerf.
    ACD/O Feedback Fence, which just received a buff to support armor charge, may AOE clear enemies while you are being meleed.

    Personally, I’ve been using Synthoceps, an old favorite, for this. I’m not sure if I have this down yet, but after you have it going and stack Banner of War to x4, you just keep getting healed while also dealing more melee damage with your glaive or blade to destroy stuff. or either.

    It’s one of the most enjoyable builds that Destiny 2 has introduced in a very long time, and I adore it because it genuinely embraces the Titan Smash! ethos. Try it out with your favorite glaive, blade, and exotic weapons to find out what the hype is all about.